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Unity Game Development: Make Professional 3D Games

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction And Course Overview - PLEASE DON'T SKIP THIS VIDEO
Downloading And Installing Unity 3D
Pumpkins And Golems: Your First Unity 3D Game

Learn To Code In C# :
Introduction To Variables
Operations With Variables
Conditional Statements
Arrays And Functions
Classes And Objects
Quiz 1
4 questions
Passing Values And References To Function Parameters
Visibility Modifiers
Static Variables And Functions
Arrays And Lists
Quiz 2
4 questions

Awesome Runner - Unity 3D Infinite Runner Game :
Awesome Runner Game Preview
Importing Our Assets
Unity Interface, Build Settings And Layouts
Models, Shaders, Lightning And Prefabs
Level Generator Part 1
Level Generator Part 2
Level Generator Part 3
Adding Player In Our Scene
Player Movement And Camera Follow Player
Player Jump
Quiz 3
4 questions
Double Jump
Player Animation
Introduction To Particle System
Foot Smoke Particle Effect
Player Foot Smoke
Foot Sounds And Animation Triggers
Adding A Background In Our Game And Using Multiple Cameras
Infinite Level Effect
The Collector Script
Adding Monsters In Our Game
Creating Bullets
Monster Script
Death Particle Effect
Destroying The Monster
Player Shooting
Health Collectable And Physic Material
Level Generator Pooling
Spawning Monsters And Collectables
Unitys UI System
Creating Main Menu Scene
UI Anchor Points
Animating UI Elements
Detecting Button Touches
Creating Our Gameplay UI
GameManager, GameplayController And Checking Which Scene Was Loaded
Score System And Player Died System
Pause Panel
Playing Music In Our Game
Shoot Button And Jump Button
Quiz 4
3 questions

Animations in unity :
Importing Assets And Creating Animations
Animator Controller
Animation Transitions
Multiple Transition Conditions
Jump Animation
Quiz 5
2 questions

Puzzle Ball - Unity 3D Game :
Puzzle Ball Game Preview
Importing Assets And Organizing The Project
Creating Our Main Menu
Camera Script
Finishing The Camera Script
Ball Script
Getting Balls Direction
Camera Relative Position
Moving The Ball
Drag And Air Speed
Finishing Balls Movement
Creating Our First Level
Rescaling The Ball
Finishing Level1
Ball Roll Sound
Sound Volume Based On Collision
Importing Level2
Finishing Level2
Level 3 Introduction
Finishing Level 3
Level 4 Introduction
Enemy Ball AI
Enemy Ball Sound Effect
Level 5
Level 6 Introduction
Moving Floors
Moving Floors With Animations

Awesome Ninja - Zombie And Boss Fight Unity 3D Game :
Awesome Ninja Game Preview
Importing Assets And Organizing The Project
Importing Ninja Character In Our Game
Ninja Animations
Player Attack
Player Sword
Slash Effects
Mecanim Event Detector
Setting Up Player Skills
Programming Player Skills
Skill 2 And Skill 3 Effects
Skill Scripts
Skill Prefab Generator Script
Fireball Skill Scripts
Preparing Our Enemies
Enemy AI
Nav Mesh Agent
Enemy Health Script
Player Health
Enemy Attack Points
Enemy Attack Collision Script
Attack Collision Script
Skill Damage Script
Importing Boss In Our Game
Boss AI
Boss Skill Script
BossSkillDamage And BossHealth Script
Attack Boss Collision And Skill Damage Boss Scripts
Preparing The Attack Buttons
Player Attack Button
Wait Before Using Skills
Player Move Joystick
Health Slider

Zig Zag - Unity 3D Game :
Zig Zag Game Preview
Importing Assets And Preparing The GameplayScene
Ball Script
Camera Follow Script
Spawning Tiles
Tiles Fall Down
Creating Collectable Items
Spawning Collectables In Our Game
Changing The Mood In Our Game With Lights And Colors

Camera Animations And Cut Scenes :
Camera Animations And Cut Scenes Preview
Creating Camera 1 Animations
Camera 2 And Camera 3 Animations
Animation Controller
Another Way To Create Cut Scenes

Light Effects In Unity :
Lightning And Mood Preview
Directional Lights And Skyboxes
Point Lights
Spot Lights
Shadow Effects
Baking Lights

Updates - Everything New In Unity + Tips And Tricks :
How To Change The Screen Size In Game Tab

Bonus Section - Download Free Assets :
Commercial Free 2D And 3D Assets(Free Download)