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Unity: Build A Complete 2D Game From Start to Finish

Introduction :
Read Text
Download Unity
Unity3d Page
Unity3d Asset Store

Unity Basics :
Section Introduction
Create Project
Unity Game Window
Add Game Resolution
Visual Studio Code
Unity Namespaces
Unity Monobehaviour Class
Access Modifiers
Monobehaviour Event Execution
Monobehaviour Event Execution Script
Trigger Collider
Trigger Collision
Unity Animation - Part 1
Unity Animation - Part 2
5 questions

Game Background :
Section Introduction
Create Folders
Background Image
Scrolling Background
Scrolling Ground
Player's Sprite
Idle Animation
Walk Animation
Walk Animation Code
Physics2D OverlapCircle
Jump Animation
Background Scroll Wait
Ground Scroll Wait
4 questions

Obstacles Section :
Section Introduction
Create Obstacles
Obstacles Prefabs
Instantiate Obstacles
Obstacles Wait Spawn
Obstacle Move
Random Obstacles Selection
Obstacles Positions
Obstacle Colliders
Obstacle Destroyer
Ignore Colliders
Death Explosion Particle
Player Death
Player Class Instance
Stop Obstacles
Stop Background

Enemy Section :
Section Introduction
Slice Bird
Enemy Animation
Animation Parameters
Enemy Script
Instantiate Enemies
Instantiate Multiple Enemies
Enemy Movement
Enemy Random Positions
Enemy Destroy Player
Enemy Destroyer
Fix Enemy Animation
Enemy Shoot
Enemy Bullet
Player Shoot Animation
Player Shoot Script - Part 1
Player Shoot Script - Part 2
Player Destroy Enemy
Destroy Player Bullet

Game Manager Section :
Section Introduction
UI Camera
Score Text
Main Menu Scene
Start Menu Scene
Start Scene Manager
Main Menu Manager
Game Manage Property - Part 1
Game Manage Property - Part 2
Score Demo
High Score Demo
Score Box Collider
Score Collision Script
Player Lives
Game Reload Coroutine
Scene Loaded Event - Part 1
Scene Loaded Event - Part 2
Game Over Menu
Display Game Over Menu
Play Again Button and Method
Player's Points
Canvas Order in Layer
Save High Score - Part 1
Save High Score - Part 2
Display Points on Game Over Menu
Player Destroy Obstacles
Pause Menu
Pause Method
Bullet, Jump and Hit Sounds
Score Sound

Final Section :
Fix Obstacle Layer
Fix Enemy Bullet Position
Remove Exit Time From Animation Transition
Build Game for PC