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Ultimate Piano Course – PGN Piano

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introducing The Piano :
Course Introduction
What's a Piano?
The Secret of This Course
Name The White Keys
Name The Black Keys
Special Names
Double Sharps
Double Flats
Test Your Knowledge
2. Scales & Octaves :
Scales, What's the Use?
Major Scales
Minor Scales
Octaves To Play
Octaves To Jump
Scale Practice
Octave Practice
Test Your Knowledge
3. Chord Basics :
Introduction to Chords
Major Chords
Minor Chords
Major 7 Chords
Minor 7 Chords
Splitting Chords
Slash Chords
Test Your Knowledge
4. Chord Mastery :
Introduction to Chord Mastery
Chord Progressions
Right Hand Chords
Left Hand Chords
Chords & Octaves
Left Hand Patterns
Right Hand Patterns
Auto Match Chords
Play Your 1st Song
Standard Chord Grip
Test Your Knowledge
5. Combining Like A Pro :
Introduction to Combining Hands
4 Levels of Learning
Start With Left
Then Play Right
Slow Combinations
Steady Left Individual Right
Steady Right Individual Left
Double Individuals
1st Combination Song
3 More combination songs
Test Your Knowledge
6. Learn A New Song Per Day :
Introduction to 1 Song Per Day
Find Keys & Chords
How To Extract the Key
Specify Intro
Left Hand Progression
Right Hand Chords
Right Hand Lyrics
Full Chord Lyrics
Test Your Knowledge
7. Play By Ear :
(available Oct 15th)
Introduction to Playing By Ear
Figuring Out Scales/Keys
Chord Progressions
Left Hand Specification
Intro Specification
Right Hand Chords
Right Hand Inversions
Right Hand Lyrics
Test Your Knowledge
8. Compose Songs [BONUS] :
(available October 21st).
Introduction to Composing
Basic Composing Tips
Find your Style
Backing Track
Melody Lines
9. How To Read Sheet Music :
Introduction to Sheet Music
Where to get Sheet Music?
Treble Clef
Bass Clef
Dots and Ties
Flags and Beams
Note and Rest Values
Time Signatures
Key Signatures

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