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Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2017-Stop SEO & Win With PPC!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction (We all gotta start somewhere) :
How To Make The Most Of This Course
AdWords Formula Calculator I Built For You
Welcome Aboard Plus A Sneak Preview Of Advanced AdWords Scripts!
What Is Google AdWords?
Download All Slides For Chapter One!
Creating Your Very First Google AdWords Account
Using Your Website Navigational Structure To Structure Your AdWords Campaigns
Naming Your Campaign and Selecting The Right Campaign Type
Understanding the Different Types of Google AdWords Device Targeting
Taking a Deeper Look at Some Interesting Tablet Trends
Understanding Location Targeting at the Campaign Level in AdWords
Configuring Location Targeting and Using the Advanced Search Functions
Using Advanced Location Targeting Setting to Further Customize Your Ad Delivery
Location Setting Exercise
Setting Your Language Targeting Settings and Introduction to Bidding Strategies
Automated Bidding Strategies! (Target CPA, Target ROAS and Target Page Location)
Automated Bidding Part 2! Target outranking share, maximize clicks & ECPC
Manual CPC Bidding and Configuring Profitable Bids Inside The AdWords Dashboard
Understanding Standard vs Advanced Ad Delivery Options (in-depth look)
Understanding Sitelink Extensions and Location Extensions in Detail
Understanding Location, Call, Review, Callout and Structured Snippet Extensions
Configuring Multiple Campaign-Level Ad Extensions Inside the AdWords Dashboard
In-Depth Look At Soft and Hard Ad Scheduling at the Campaign Level in AdWords
Understanding What Ad Rotation is & How To Choose The Right Ad Rotation For You
Overview of Dynamic Search Ads and How to Use Tracking Templates in AdWords
Quiz #3: How Well Do You Know Your AdWords Basics?
5 questions

Writing Killer Ads :
Update: What You Need To Know About ETA's (Expanded Text Ads)
The Anatomy of AdWords Expanded Text Ads
Crafting Your First Text Ad
Quiz #2: Testing Your Ad Writing Skills
10 questions

All About Keywords - The Heartbeat Of Your Account :
Keyword Basics: Keywords vs Queries
An Overview Of Keyword Strategies And Keyword Research Tools
Understanding The Characteristics Of Keywords
Understanding Keyword Match Types
Understanding Broad Match Keyword Match Type
Understanding Broad Match Modified Keyword Match Type
Phrase and Exact Match Keyword Match Types
Keyword Research: The Concept Of Keyword Themes
Keyword Research: Using Google's Suggested Keywords And Creating Your First List
Keyword Research: Using Suggested Searches As A Research Tool
Advanced Keyword Research: Using The Google Keyword Planner
Using SEMRush And The Google Keyword Planner To Get Volume And Cost Estimates
Keyword Research: Putting It All Together With Structured Keyword Lists
Keyword Planning: The 6 Main Ways People Communicate With Search Engines
Keyword Planning: What Keywords Can Teach Us About Buying Intent
Keywords And The Four Stages Of The Buying Funnel
How To Predict Which Keywords Are Going To Lead To Sales And Conversions
How To Organize Your Keywords By Relevancy In Microsoft Excel
Formatting Your Keywords With Different Match Types In Microsoft Excel
Quiz #3: Understanding Keywords
15 questions

Account Structure - How To Structure Ad Groups Like A pro :
Account Structure: How To Create A New Ad Group Within Your Campaign
Importing Your Keyword Lists From Excel Into Your New Ad Group
Creating Multiple, Relevant Ads For Your New Ad Groups
How To Navigate Between Ad Groups, Keywords and Ads Within A Campaign

Setting Up Your AdWords Billing :
Setting Up Your AdWords Billing

The Incredible Dynamics Of The AdWords Auction :
Introduction To The AdWords Auction
Understanding Quality Score: Click Through Rate And Ad Relevancy
Understanding Quality Score: Landing Page Quality
Understanding Ad Rank and How It Is Calculated
When You Could Ignore Low Quality Scores (and when you can't!)
Advanced Techniques: Diagnosing Low Quality Score With Excel Pivot Tables (1/3)
Advanced Techniques: Diagnosing Low Quality Score With Excel Pivot Tables (2/3)
Advanced Techniques: Diagnosing Low Quality Score With Excel Pivot Tables (3/3)

Expanding And Refining Your Campaigns :
Navigating The AdWords Dashboard
How To Edit, Pause And Enable Keywords, Ad Groups and Campaigns
Editing The Essential Campaign Settings
How To Create New Campaigns That Will Improve Your Results
How ToUse Your Website To Make The Best Campaigns Possible
How To Set Up Powerful Custom Schedules For Your Campaigns
Understanding Bid Adjustments And Using Them To Enhance Your Custom Schedules

Negative Keywords - Your Greatest Ally :
Understanding Negative Keywords In-Depth
Using Broad, Phrase and Exact Match With Your Negative Keywords
Adding and Removing Negative Keywords and Negative Keyword Lists

Making Your Ads Unstoppable With Multiple Ad Extnesions :
Introduction To Ad Extensions
The Benefits Of Using Ad Extensions
Different Types Of Ad Extensions and Best Practices
Adding Sitelink Extensions
Configuring Your Sitelink Extensions For The Best Results
Adding Callout Extensions And Phone Extensions

Remarketing – Your Secret Weapon To Converting Like A Boss :
The 5 Primary Forms Of Remarketing
Realizing The Benefits And Importance Of Remarketing
How To Create And Add Your Remarketing Tag
Creating Your First Remarketing Audience
Configuring Your Remarketing Campaign Settings

Keeping Track Of Profits With Conversion Tracking :
Understanding The Basics Of Conversion Tracking
Exploring The Different Conversion Actions Visitors Take On Your Site
Setting Up Conversion Tracking For Form Submissions
Generating And Installing Your Conversion Tracking Tag
Understanding The Basics Of Phone Call Tracking
Setting Up Phone Call Tracking And Understanding How To Analyze Conversion Data

Profitable Bidding Strategies :
Return On Investment (ROI) vs. Return On Ad Spend (ROAS): Important Distinction
How To Mathematically Calculate ROI and ROAS
Calculating Max CPC Bids From Your Conversion Rate And Conversion Value
Calculating Profitable Keyword Bids Based On Revenue Per Click

Using AdWords Scripts To Enhance Performance and Increase Optimization Speed :
Introduction To AdWords Scripts - What Are Scripts?
Bidding To Average Position AdWords Script Part 1
Bidding To Average Position AdWords Script Part 2

Conclusion ... Goodbye For Now! :

Bonus Material! :
Part 1. Understanding Search Queries and What We Learn From Searcher Languagage
Part 2. Accessing The Search Query Report and Understanding Long Tail Keywords
Part 3. Qualifying Your Ad Text and How To A/B Split Test Your Ads