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Ubuntu Desktop for Beginners: Start Using Linux Today!

Introduction & Installation Guide :
Introduction to Ubuntu
Downloading Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Preparing Installation Media for Physical Installs
Downloading VirtualBox
First Look at Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 LTS
Creating a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox Users ONLY)
Installing Guest Additions (VirtualBox Users ONLY)
VirtualBox Settings

The Basics :
Getting Around in Ubuntu Desktop
Using the Launcher
System Settings: Overview
Development Codenames
Using the Software Center
Installing Programs with Debian (.deb) Packages
Working with Compressed Archives
Automatic Software Updates
Desktop Workspaces
Keyboard Shortcuts
Closing Unresponsive Programs with 'xkill'

Multimedia Applications :
Playing DVDs
iTunes on Ubuntu?
iTunes Alternative: 'atunes'
Banshee Media Player
Video Editors
Photoshop & GIMP

Using the Terminal :
Introduction to the Terminal
Getting Around with the Command Line
Security Basics (sudo)
Terminal Options
An Important Note on Editing the 'hostname' File
Installing Programs with APT

Fixing Problems & Basic Troubleshooting :
A Quick Thought
Installing Proprietary Graphics Drivers
Network Issues
Additional Resources
Problems at Boot (GRUB)
Resetting a Lost Password