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TypeScript Quick and Easy

Video Introducing this tutorial

About this course :
About this course

Introduction :
About this section
History of JavaScript
Problems of JavaScript Programming
What is TypeScript?
Course Files

Setting up our development environment :
TypeScript's website
Installing Node.js and TypeScript
Compiling one TypeScript file
Compiling a directory
Watching for changes

ES6 Features :
About this section
Template Literals
Let and Const
For-of loops
The spread operator
Default parameters

Types :
Types and TypeScript
Basic types, part 1
Basic types, part 2
Union types
Types and functions

Classes and Interfaces :
About this section

Generics :
Generics in a one-shot

Modules :
What are modules?
Installing a simple web-server
Using modules

Decorators :
About decorators
Decorators in action

Real world tips :
About this section
Using js libraries

Good bye :
Good bye