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Tumult Hype Pro Basics: HTML5 Animations Made Easier

Introduction :
About this Course
How to Get Tumult Hype

Getting Started :
Starting a New Project
Exploring the UI
Previewing Your Content on Your Mobile Device (Hype Reflect)
Zooming In and Out
Adjusting Hype panels

Shapes, Layers and Groups :
Creating Shapes
Arranging and Organizing Shapes
Grouping Objects

Working with Stage Elements :
HTML Widgets

Working with Symbols :
Persistent Symbols

Timeline Animation :
Understanding the Main Timeline
Animation Along the Timeline
Easing Animations
Animating Other Properties
Changing Keyframes and Retiming Objects
Duplicating Animations
Motion Paths
Animating CSS Filters

Working with Actions :
Timeline Actions
Object Actions
Removing Actions
Exploring Various Actions
Drag Action

Timelines :
Adding and working with timelines
Relative timelines
Looping timelines

Scenes :
Working with multiple scenes
Scene transitions
Navigating timelines

Responsive Hype Projects :
Percentage based stage scaling
Creating different layouts
Modifying break points

Using JavaScript in Hype :
Adding custom JavaScript actions
Document and property JavaScript actions
Timeline and scene JavaScript actions
Referencing Symbols with JavaScript
Reusable Functions
Using external JavaScript libraries (jQuery)
Using global variables in your projects

Inspector Panels :
Document Inspector
Scene Inscpector
Metrics Inspector
Elements Inspector
Physics Inspector
Identity Inspector

Exporting Projects :
Exporting your project
Embedding your Hype project in another HTML file
Exporting iBooks Author Widgets

More to Come :
Conclusion. For now.