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Try Django 1.11 : Python Web Development

Video Introducing this tutorial

HTML & Django :
Rendering HTML
Render a Django Template
Context in Django Templates
Template Inheritance
Include Template Tag
Reactivate Virtualenv
Class Based Views
Template View

Remembering Things :
Remembering things with Models
More on Model Fields
Displaying Saved Data
Understanding QuerySets
Generic List View
Restaurant Profile Detail
SlugField & Unique Slug Generator
Signal for Unique Slug

Forms, Views, Models, and More :
Slugs as URL Params
Get Single Items from the DB
Saving Data the Hard + Wrong Way
The Power of Django Forms
The Extra Power of Django Model Forms
Simple + Effective Validation
Letting Users own Data
Associate User to Form Data in FBV
Associate User to Data in Class Based View
Login Required to View
Using Reverse to Shortcut URLS
Menu Items App
Menu Items Views
Limiting Form Field to QuerySet
Personalize Items
User Profile View
Style Profile with Bootstrap
Adding a Robust Search

Handling Users & Followers :
Follow Users
Follow Button Form
Following Home Page Feed
Register View
Activation Keys

Final Steps... :
Watch & Go Live
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