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Truefire Rusty Cooley’s Lickopedia – Introduction

Video Introducing this tutorial

Rusty Cooley's Lickopedia
G Major 13
A Minor 13
B Minor b13b9
C Major 13#11
E Minor b13
F# Minor b13b9b5
Building Diatonic 13 Arps
Diminished 7th Arps Pt. 1
Diminished 7th Arps Pt. 2
Diminished 7th Arps Pt. 3
Diminished 7th Arps Pt. 4
Combining Diminished 7th Arpeggios
Diminished Chromatic
Multi-Tapping Diminished
Phrygian Dominant
Phrygian Dominant in Fives
B Spanish Phrygian
Spread Your Disease
E Natural Minor 3-4 Combo
Multi-Digital Tapping
Bumblebee Taps
Tapping E Minor 7ths
T2 T3 E Natural Minor
B Phrygian Dominant Tapping
E Minor Pentatonic
Legato Sixes in A Minor
A Blues Multi-Digital Tapping
"Let Off Some Steam, Bennet"
Stock Licks
Two String Sweeping
G Major String-Skipping Bach Idea
G Major Arpeggio Sequence
G Minor Arpeggio Sequence
B Harmonic Minor String-Skipping Sequence
B Phrygian Dominant Trills
B Phrygian Dominant Pedal Tone Tapping
String Skipping Diminished 7th Arpeggios
New Diminished 7ths
D Minor Fourths
Exploring the Diminished Scale
Half-Whole Diminished Scale
Diminished Triads
4 Note Per-String Diminished Scale
Exploring the Phrygian Dominant Scale
Exploring the Mixolydian b6 Scale
Exploring Dominant
"Left to Follow" 1
"Left to Follow" 2
Rusty Cooley's Lickopedia

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