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TrueFire Joe PInnavaia – Guitar soloing essentials

Video Introducing this tutorial

Guitar Soloing Essentials
Modes - The Whole Ball of Wax!
The Most Abused Musical Tool :)
Scale Fragments
Major Lines with Pentatonics
Minor Mode and Pentatonic Connection
Capitalize on Minor Modes
Pentatonic Application 3 - The 9th
Week 4: Bonus Lesson!
Week 5: Bop Modes
Week 5: Bop Scales over Minor Chords
C Major 3 String Arpeggio
D Dorian
Week 6: Bonus Lesson!
Week 7: Targeting Chord Tones Within Lines
Week 7: Bonus Lesson!
Week 8: Use of Triads and Melodic Leading
Week 8: Bonus Lesson!