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TrueFire Gareth Pearson – 50 Travis, Atkins & Reed Guitar licks you must know

Video Introducing this tutorial

50 Travis, Atkins & Reed Licks
Chordal Pull Off
G String Bounce
Chord Mute Pull Off
Chet Slurring
Jolly 3rds
Melodic 6ths
Chromatic 6ths
Pentatonic Pull Off 1
Pentatonic Pull Off 2
Hammer On My Chinatown
Chet Grass
A7 Funky Groove
Down Home Pickin'
Claw Double Stop 1
Claw Double Stop 2
Claw Double Stop 3
A7 Descending Banjo Run
A7 Pull Offs
Piano Style
Target Note Attack!
Bluesy Boom Chick
A7 Banjo Boom Chick
Mule Skinnin'
Classic Chet Style Blues
Clawin' That A Groove
E Groove
Reed's Polyphonic
Reed's Poly Climb
Jerry's Banjo Call
Jerry's Banjo Answer
Jerry's Pull Off
Chet Blues Lick
Big Climb
Jerry Scale Call & Answer
Walkin' the Shapes
Super Lick
Big Chromatic Lead Line
Blues Double Stopper
Double Stop Bend
Dizzy Scale
Minor Harmonic E String Bounce
Ballad 3rds
Singing 3rds
Merle Shuffle Lick
G Chromatic-ish Banjo Roll
Dmaj Arpeggio Roll
Am Funk Groove
Reed Scale 1
Reed Scale 2
Reed Scale 3
50 Travis, Atkins and Reed Licks