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Truefire Chris Buono’s 60 Electric Guitar Techniques You MUST Know

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Section 1: Strumming Techniques :
Downstrokes, Upstrokes, Brush Stroke, and Scratches

Section 2: Picking :
Single Note Picking, Alternate Picking, Tremolo Picking, Fingerpicking, Hybrid Picking, Chicken Pickin’, Banjo Rolls, Travis Picking, Rake, Sweep Picking, and Economy Picking

Section 3: Legato Techniques :
Hammer-On, Grace Note Hammer-On, Pull-Off, Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs, and Trill

Section 4: Slide Techniques :
Legato Slide, Grace Note Slides, Shift Slide, and Slide In & Slide Out

Section 5: Bending Techniques :
Basic Bending, Bend Release, Pre-Bends, Unison Bends, Double Stop Bends, 1/4 Step Bends, and Behind the Nut Bends

Section 6: Harmonics Techniques :
Natural Harmonics, Artificial Harmonics, Pinch Harmonics, Harp Harmonics, and Tapped Harmonics

Section 7: Tapping Techniques :
Basic Tapping, Tapping Bends, Slide Tapping, Tapping With Pick, Multi-Finger Tapping, Fretboard Tapping, and Two-Hand Tapping

Section 8: Vibrato Techniques :
Basic Vibrato and Wide Vibrato

Section 9: Whammy Bar Techniques :
Whammy Bar Vibrato, Dive Bomb, Scoops, and Flutters

Section 10: Other Essential Techniques :
Alternate Tunings, Using a Capo, Double Stops, Barring, Palm, Muting, Arpeggiation, Staccato, Accents, Pick Scrapes, Slaps & Pops, Palm Punches, String Skipping, Volume Swells, and Wah-Wah

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