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Tips & tricks: How to combine advanced functions in Excel

Video Introducing this tutorial

Intro :
Aim of the course
Course content

Combination examples :
Combining data validaton with VLOOKUP
How to hide error messages
Combination of HLOOKUP and MATCH formulas
Combination of IF and ISBLANK functions
Combination of IF, ISBLANK and OR functions
Nested IF functions
Using VLOOKUP formula for displaying nested IF function results
Combination of INDEX and MATCH function
Combination of LEFT and CAPITAL function
Combination of LEFT, CAPITAL and '&' function
Combination of LEFT, CAPITAL and IF function
Combination of LEFT, CAPITAL and VLOOKUP function
Combination of RIGHT and LEN function
Combination of NOW, HOUR and MINUTE function
Controlling AVERAGEIF and YEAR combo with cell data validation.

Bonus :
Control panel: combo box
Controlling VLOOKUP with combo box
Control panel: list box
Controlling VLOOKUP with list box
Expand VLOOKUP and list box combination