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The Unity RPG Creator in C# Series – Part 1: Core Combat

Video Introducing this tutorial

Character Movement :
Why You Should Buy This Course
Welcome To The Course
About Character Movement
Start Designing Your RPG
Set Up A Combat Sandbox
A Simple DIY Follow Camera
Pan And Tilt Camera Options
Prototyping With Placeholders
Raycasting And Layer Masks
Using Raycasts To Query Click
Click Mouse To Move
Work Breakdown Structure
Test Your Understanding 1.1
10 questions
Organizing Project For Teamwork
Using Cursor Affordances
Most Important Combat Feature
Gamepad Movement Mode
Onion Design
The Player Experience
TODOs And Bug Fixes
The Observer Pattern
Using Delegates In C#
The Event Keyword In C#
Section 1 Wrap Up
Test Your Understanding 1.2
7 questions

Core Combat :
Section 2 Introduction
Attacking The Enemies Design
Using Gizmos To Visualise Code
Player Health Bar UI
Enemy Floating Health Bar
Ranged Attack Problem
Update Your 1 Page GDD
Set Your Art Direction
Sketch Your Prototype Level
Importing Level Assets
Test Your Understanding 2.1
8 questions
Creating Terrain
Block Out Your Level
Review And Adjustments
Commenting Your Level
Standardising Scene Setup
Help Writing Physics Code
Make Enemies Pathfind To Player
Fully Event Based Raycasting
Writing Custom Editors
Player Pathfinding To Enemies
Test Your Understanding 2.2
10 questions
Prototyping Goals And Progress
Refine Your Nav Mesh
Tuning And Exploring
Importing Humanoid Animations
Using Interfaces In C#
Calling Methods Via Interfaces
Enemy Move And Attack Spheres
Spawning Enemy Projectiles
InvokeRepeating() vs StartCoroutine()
Player Melee Damage
Test Your Understanding 2.3
10 questions
Creating Enemy Archetypes
Health And Damage Philosophy
Start Your Stat Spreadsheet
Healing Companion Prototype
Level Story Theme And Flow
Playable Level With Combat
Rising Complexity, Refactoring
Using The Trail Renderer Component
Preventing Projectile Pass-Through
Test Your Understanding 2.4
10 questions
Fix Wobbly Characters
Thoughts On Organisation
Preparing Our Assets Folder
Set Dressing Our Level
Adding Water
Movement Bug And Water
Adding Trees
Asset Showcase Scene
Get Your Dev Hat Back On
Introducing Scriptable Objects
Test Your Understanding 2.5
10 questions
Adjustable Weapon Grip
Problems With Prefabs
Import Mecanim Animation Pack
Projectiles Discriminate
Test Your Understanding 2.6
5 questions
Section 2 Wrap Up

Modifiers & Abilities :
Section 3 Introduction
Design Planning And Decisions
Your Game Design Document
Unity 5.6 And VS Community 2017
Using Namespaces In C Sharp
The Animator Override Controller
Protecting Our Interfaces
Untangling Standard Assets
Trigger Player Hit Animation
Triggering Audio On Radius
Test Your Understanding 3.1
10 questions
Terrain Optimization
Our First Dialogue
Tasks And Bugs
More Content Coming Soon...