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The Ultimate iOS 11 & Swift 4 Course. Learn to Build Apps!

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Introduction :
Introduction to the Course
Top 10 Reasons Why This Course is Awesome!
How to Use this Course
How to Get Xcode
Don't Have a Mac Computer?
How to Download Xcode 9
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Swift 4 - Language Basics :
Language Basics Topics List

Swift 4 - Language Basics 01) Variables and Constants :
Topics List and Learning Objectives
Intro to Variables and Constants
Primitive Types
Nil Values
Type Conversions
Assignment Operators
Conditional Operators
Source Code

Swift 4 - Language Basics 02) Collection Types :
Topics List and Learning Objectives
Introduction to Collection Types
Creating Arrays
Common Array Operations
Multidimensional Arrays
Source Code

Swift 4 - Language Basics 03) Control Flow :
Topics List and Learning Objectives
Intro to If and Else Statements
Else If Statements
Multiple Simultaneous Tests
Intro To Switch Statements
Advanced Switch Statement Techniques
Testing for Nil Values
Intro to While Loops
Intro to Loops
Complex Loops and Loop Control Statements
Source Code

Swift 4 - Language Basics 04) Functions :
Topics List and Learning Objectives
Intro to Functions
Function Parameters
Return Statements
Parameter Variations
Returning Multiple Values Simultaneously
Source Code

Swift 4 - Language Basics 05) Classes, Structs and Enums :
Topics List and Learning Objectives
Intro to Classes
A. Properties as fields - Add to Class Implementation
B. Custom Getters and Setters
C. Calculated Properties
D. Variable Scope and Self
E. Lazy and Static Variables
Behaviour as Instance Methods and Class type Methods
Class Instances as Field Variables
A. Inheritance, Subclassing and SuperClassing
B. Overriding Initializers
C. Overriding Properties
D. Overriding Methods
Structs Overview
Comparisons between Classes, Structs and Enums
Source Code

Introduction to XCode :
00. Intro and Demo
01. General Interface Introduction
02. File System Introduction
03. ViewController Introduction
04. Storyboard File Introduction
05. Connecting Outlets and Actions
06. Running an Application
07. Debugging an Application
Source Code

*APP Swift 4 - Simple Calculator :
Intro and Demo
Building the UI
Connecting Outlets and Actions
Implementation Planning
Storing Input Values and Choosing Operation
Implementing Calculate and Clear Function
Error Checking and Handling
Beautifying App and Finishing Touches
Source Code

*APP Swift 4 - RGB to Hex Code Color Converter :
Intro and Demo
Building the UI
Connecting Outlets and Actions
Planning Implementation and Setting Bluerpint
Implementing Conversion Selection
Implementing Hex to RGB Conversion
Implementing RGB to Hex Conversion
Improving App Appearance
Source Code

Hangman Game :
Demo and Intro
Building the UI
Connecting Outlets, Actions, and Textfield Protocol
Planning our Implementation Process
Implement Word and Hint Selection
Implementing Remaining Set Up
Implementing TextField Processing
Implementing Correct Guess Processing
Implementing Incorrect Guess Processing
Implementing The Last Bit of Functionality
Improving App Appearance
Source Code

Simple Flashcard App :
Intro and Demo
Building the Interface
Connecting Outlets and Actions
Building the data model
Planning Implementation
Implement Save Functionality
Implementing Fetch Functionality
Implementing Display Functionality
Implementing Delete Functionality
Improving App Appearance
BONUS #1: More About the NSManagedObjectContext
BONUS #2: Implementing Subject Search
Source Code

Simple Weather App :
Introduction and Demo
Building and Connecting the UI
Learning about our Weather API
Planning Implementation Phase
Requesting and Retrieving Data
Decoding JSON Data into Structs
Setting up DateHandler Class
Sorting Data into Todays and Tomorrows Data
Storing Todays and Tomorrows Data
Displaying Data on UI
Retrieving and Displaying Icon
Improving App Appearance
Source Code

UI Elements - UI Controller :
Intro and Demo
Setting up the UI
Displaying SImple Alert Message
Dismissing Alert
Adding Cancel Action
Adding Multiple Actions
Adding TextFields to Alert
Simulating Login Scenario
Altering alert controller Appearance
Source Code

UI Elements - UIViews :
Introduction to UIViews
View Hierarchy with Storyboards
Modifying View Attributes with Storyboards
Changing Attributes Programmatically
Adding, Removing, and Shifting Subviews
Attaching Tap Gesture Recognizer to a View
Source Code

UI Elements - UILabels :
Introduction to Labels
Adding Label to Storyboard
Modifying Label Attributes Using Storyboards
Modifying Label Attributes Through Code
Adding Labels to Projects using ViewController
Source Code

UI Elements - UIButtons :
Why we Use Buttons
Modifying Button Attributes Using Storyboard
Using Button Outlets And Actions
Button Interaction With Other Elements
Connecting Multiple Buttons To Single Action
Adding Buttons Programatically
BONUS: Setting Button Image
Source Code

UI Element - UISegmentedControl :
What are UISegmentedControls
Adjusting Properties Using Storyboard
Adding Behaviour via Outlets and Actions
Adding Segmented Controls Programmatically

UI Elements - UITextField :
Why We Use UITextFields
Modifying TextField Attributes Using Storyboard
Exploring TextField Attributes Using ViewController
Implementing TextField Actions
Adding TextFieldDelegate Methods
Implementing Should Delegate Methods
Implementing Did Delegate and Text Replacement Methods
Adding TextFields Programmatically
Source Code

UI Elements - UISliders :
00. Introduction
01. What is a UIslider
02. Exploring Attributes in Storyboards
03. Adding Behavior to Sliders
04. Changing Slider Properties Through Code
05. BONUS - Changing Slider Images

*APP Tip Calculator :
Introduction to the Tip Calculator
Adding The Functional Code
Finishing the App

*APP Average Calculator :
Making the App

*APP Savings Calculator :
Making a Savings Calculator

*PROJECT Intro to App Design :
Designing an App in Xcode
Using Illustrator to Design Apps
Color in App Design

*PROJECTS App Design with Photoshop :
Design a Welcome Screen and 3D Ad
Design a Product App
Design a Product App with Square Buttons
Design Apps with Icons
Design a Sales App with Backgrounds
Design a Circle-Themed App
Design a Color-Themed App
Design an App Ad + Add a Background Image to an App
Add App Image to Promo Image
Design a Photos App + a Contacts App
Design Presentation Ads
Design an Ad + Cycling App
Design a Store App + Promotional Images
Design a List App
Make a Flat Design App Promo + App Logo
Design Abstract Corporate Images
Design an Ad with an iPhone Promo

SpriteKit iOS 11 - 01) Introduction to SpriteKit :
Starting a New File
Introduction to the GameScene.sks
Looking at the GameScene.Swift
Deleting the Extraneous Code
Talking About Touches
Changing The Player Position
Refactoring our Code for Efficiency
Adding Sprite Programmatically
Closing Thoughts

SpriteKit iOS 11 - 02) Introduction to Sprites :
Introduction to Adding Sprites
Adding in Images Programmatically
Adding In the Color Blend Factor
Changing Sprite Images
Moving Sprites Around
Pinning One Sprite to Another
zRotation and the Update Function
Adding a Sprite on a Touches began

SpriteKit iOS 11 - 03) SKActions :
Introduction to SKActions
Adding in Multiple SKActions
Naming Actions
SKAction MoveBy
SKAction MoveTo
SKAction Follow Path
SKAction Rotation
SKAction Scaling
SKAction Fading
SKAction Resize
SKAction, Hide and Unhide

SpriteKit iOS 11 - 04) ShapeNodes :
Introduction to ShapeNodes
Making Different Kinds of ShapeNodes
Adding in Points to ShapeNodes

SpriteKit iOS 11 - 05) Introduction to Physics in SpriteKit :
Introduction to Physics
Setting up the Physics floor
Adding in Nodes and Physics
Applying A Force
Adding in Torque
Talking About Physics Properties
Adding Physics Action
Adding A Torque Action

SpriteKit iOS 11 - 06) Setting up Actions :
Introduction to Actions.sks
Calling Actions
Setting Up Specific Actions
Setting Up Sounds

Introduction to ARKit :
Introduction to ARKit
Talking About the View Controller and Scenes
Talking about Scenes and Object Properties
Move Around a Scene
Add Primitives to a Scene
Use Programming to Add Nodes and Primitives
Additional Primitives

WatchKit: Chapter 1 - Essentials :
Setting Up Project and UI Essentials
Sizing and Scaling
Hiding Objects
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 2 - Label Interface :
Styling, Multilining, Code & Color
Incrementing and Object
Attributed String
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 3 - Date Interface :
Intro and Formatting
Setting Different Calendars and Timezones
Slight Refactoring
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 4 - Timer Interface :
Intro to Timers
Starting and Stopping
Setting Date
Capturing Date for Timer
Slight Refactoring
Adding Total Elapsed Timer
Adding Loop Timer
Final Touches
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 5 - Button Interface :
Button Intro
Set Content with Code
Slight Refactor
Making a Game
Slight Refactor
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 6 - Switch Interface :
Setting Code
Enabling and Disabling Switches
Another Example
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 7 - Slider Interface :
Images, Color Changing, and Resizing with Sliders
Keeping Track of Value
Setting Value
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 8 - Picker Interface :
Making the Style Picker
Sequence Picker
Setting Selected Item Index and Selecting Values
Setting Coordinated Animation
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 9 - Image Interface :
Template Images and Animating
Loading Images
Making Animations and Setting Duration
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 10 - Video and Audio :
Intro to WKInterfaceMovie
Loading URL
Inline Movie
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 11 - Interface Table :
Intro to Tables
Learning About Rows
Optional Binding in For Loop
Deleting and Scrolling to Rows
Triggering Action on Row Selection
Triggering Segues
Vertical Detail Paging
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 12 - Menu Interface :
Intro to Menu
Using Own Images
Programming Menus and Menu Items
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 13 - Taps and Gestures :
Intro to Taps
Intro to Swipes
Altering Swipe Direction
A Long Press
Pan Gesture Recognizer
Final Thoughts
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 14 - Activity Ring Interface :
Intro to Activity Ring
Animating Changes
Setting Animation to False
Final Thoughts
Source Code

WatchKit: Chapter 15 - Text and Emoji Input :
Inputting Text
Input and Animate Emojis
Slight Refactor
Source Code

Mapkit: Chapter 1 :
Intro to Mapkit
Adding Annotations
Show Annotations
Custom Annotations
Setting up Segue
Slight Code Cleanup
Source Code

Mapkit: Chapter 2 :
Showing User Location
Drawing Circle Overlay
Drawing Line Overlay
Drawing Polygon Overlay
Source Code

CoreImage Filter: Chapter 1 :
Intro to Filter
More Colour Filters
Chaining Filters
Source Code

CoreImage Filter: Chapter 2 :
More Graphical Filters
Hole distortion and Centering Distortion
Tapping to distort
Tapping to Distort - Scale and Refactor
Cropping with Filter
Source Code

CoreImage Filter: Chapter 3 :
Generating QR Code
Generating Barcode
Generating with User-Inputted Text
Source Code

Webkit :
Intro to Webkit and Setup
Allowing Gestures and HTTP
Correcting Display are and Resizing Subview
Making a Website
Slight Refactor and Displaying alert when Navigation fails
Handling Links and Restricting Navigation
Quick intro to sfsafariviewcontroller
Source Code

Nodes :
Reading Code and Modules
Reading, Writing and Compressing Textfiles
HTTP Module
Intro to NPM and Packages
Source Code

Coding Exercises :
Concatenate two strings
1 question
Number of fruits in a basket
1 question
Student class
1 question
Bears like berries
1 question
Number of vowels in a word
1 question

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