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Udemy The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Python3 (AI too)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction to pygame

Basics of PYTHON: Learning objects and data structures :
Install Python on Windows
Download and setup Pycharm code editor on Windows
Download Visual Studio code editor on Windows
Install python on Linux Machine
Download and setup Pycharm code editon on Linux (optional)
How to read Python documentation
Variables on Python
Data Types: String, Set and Numbers
Data Types: List, Dictionaty and Tuple
Operators and Operands
Logical Operators and Operations
Comments and User Input
Built-in Modules and Creating your own Modules
Python "List" Data Structures
Python "Dictionary" Data Structures
Learn Strings and String Methods in detail
String Formatting
Python Indentation
Python Conditionals: if...else statements
Looping in Python: while Loops
Looping in Python: for Loops
User Defined Functions in Python
Default Arguments in Python
Anonymous/Lambda functions

Advanced Python Programming :
Functional Programming: lambda, map and reduce
Iterators in Python
Generators in Python
List and Dictionary Comprehensions
Classes and Objects in Python
Basic Inheritance in Python
Multiple Inheritance in Python
Polymorphism in Python
Operator Overloading in Python
Exception Handling
File Handling
__name__ == "__main__"

Python module for Game Developers :
Python "math" module
Python "random" module
Python "collection" module
Python "os" module

Game development (turtle/pygame) module :
Introduction to Game Development
Introduction to turtle module
Computation using vectors and Magic methods (operator overloading)
Start using turtle with simple animation
Introduction to Vector class
Snake Game Capstone: Creating Layouts and Handling Movements
Snake Game Capstone: Make movements of Snake character
Snake Game Capstone: Creating boundaries for game
Pacman Game Capstone: Creating game world
Pacman Game Capstone: Valid and Invalid movements for characters
Pacman Game Capstone: Making movement for Pacman
Pacman Game Capstone: Rendering ghosts and their movements
Introduction to pygame module
Let's talk about frame-rate
Loading images/sprites using pygame
Pygame DODGE CAR CAPSTONE: Render Player and screen
Pygame DODGE CAR CAPSTONE: Rendering Enemies
Pygame DODGE CAR CAPSTONE: Handling Collisions
Pygame PACMAN CAPSTONE: Start creating game characters
Pygame PACMAN CAPSTONE: Learning about Levels
Pygame PACMAN CAPSTONE: Loading sprites and create Game Loop
Pygame PACMAN CAPSTONE: Handle rotations and collisions of Sprites
Pygame PACMAN CAPSTONE: Handling ghost movements

Balloon Shooter Game :
Introduction to the basic maths for Balloon Shooter
Defining Properties for Balloon Class
Making move method
Redering the balloons
Game Loop and rendering balloons
What should happen when balloons hit the boundary?
Creating shooter/Pointer in the Game
Burst the balloons
Extra feature for Pointer
Rendering score

Chain Reaction Game :
Introduction to Chain Reaction
Basic Math to Know for Chain Reaction game
Creating a spot (in grids) and neighbors grid
Initializing and drawing grid
Game Loop
Drawing atoms and showing present grid
Handling mouse events
Rendering two atoms
Rendering three atoms
Overflow of atoms
Making atoms to vibrate and Wrapping up game!

8 Pool Ball Game :
Introduction to the 8 Pool Ball Game
Intro to the basic maths -- slope and distance formula
Setting Project and Pygame
Creating Ball class
Creating Pool Table and Cue Ball
Creating Ball class Objects (in Triangular format) initially
Rendering Balls
Adding number to each ball
Adding a Cue Stick
Draw border for Pool Table
Moving the ball
Applying force to the cue ball from cue-stick
Normal ball and Cue Ball collisions
Collisions between two ball
Checkput and Wrap Up!!

Space Shooter Game :
Introduction to the space shooter game
Creating Player
Loading player sprite sheets
Game Loop and Handling input events
Moving Up and Down for Player
Adding Bullets for player
Rendering Enemies for game
Handling collisions between game objects
Rendering score in the game
Rendering "Game Over" screen

Implement Basic AI using Snake Game :
Introduction to Non-Player Character (NPC)
Creating Human Player class
Food (Frog) for the Snake
AI/Computer Player
App class
Check Collisions and Wrap Up!!

Bonus: Solitaire Game :
Introduction to the Solitaire Game
How to play Solitaire game -- basic guide
Introduction to the pickle module
Introduction to the copy module
Import User Interface (UI) python file
Import piles module to use Pile related functionalities
Creating Card class
Initializing Deck class (Cards rank and suits)
Loading Cards
Loading Piles: Tableau, Foundation, Waste and Stock Piles
Displaying the piles
Game Loop and event handling -- run our game for first time
Adding Buttons (using UI module)
Which piles is clicked?
Handling click events: moving card from one pile to another
Checking valid moves
Update the respective pile if we move card
Handling mouse click (right button click)
Compress the deck of cards in single pile (CompressedDeck Class)
History Manager
Draw Three Options using Settings Manager