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The Ultimate Guide to Cinematography with Unity

Introduction :
Unity & Cinematography?
OPTIONAL: [Install Unity]

The Great Fleece :

Project Setup :
Project Setup
Unity Layout Overview
Import Course Assets
Course Assets Overview
Unity Teams: Collaborate

Environment & Lighting :
Albedo Channel
Sub Meshes
Material Transparency
Challenge: Sub Mesh
Challenge Review: Sub Mesh
Occlusion Map
Emission Channel
Light Mapping
Light Probes
Sky Box
Reflection Probes Vs. Screen Space Reflections

Sleeping Guard: Cutscene :
Sleeping Guard Cutscene Overview
Blocking the Scene
Composing the Shot
Cutscene Organization
Timeline to Create Cuts
Timeline Animation Track
Pan Virtual Cameras
Pan Mid Shot Camera
Timeline Activation Tracks
Camera Fade to Alpha
Cutscene Cleanup

Game Over: Cutscene :
Game Over Cutscene Overview
Block the Scene
Challenge: Compose Shot
Challenge Review: Compose Shot
Cutscene Organization
Play Actor Animations in Timeline
Challenge: Create Cinematic Cut
Challenge Review: Create Cinematic Cut
Dolly Track Setup
Dolly Track Animation
Challenge: Pan to Ceiling
Challenge Review: Pan to Ceiling
Challenge: Black Fade to Alpha
Challenge Review: Black Fade to Alpha
Challenge: Alpha to Black
Challenge Review: Alpha to Black
UI Setup
Animate UI
Cutscene Cleanup

Complete Level: Cutscene :
Complete Level Cutscene Overview
Block the Scene
Challenge: Animate Actors
Challenge Review: Animate Actors
Challenge: Compose Shot
Challenge Review: Compose Shot
Animated Virtual Cameras
Challenge: Camera Fading Effect
Challenge Review: Camera Fading Effect

Beginning: Cutscene :
Intro Cutscene Overview
Blocking the Scene
Composing our Shots P.1
Composing our Shots P.2
Creating Cinematic Cuts
Animate Darren Down Rope
Animate Darren Side Shot
Animate Rise to Reveal
Rise from Marble
Organize Virtual Cameras
Animate Darren Underdressed
Animate Look at Guards
Animate Look at Security Cameras
Animate Security Guard
Animate Vault
Add Voice Over Track
Polish Intro Cutscene P.1
Polish Intro Cutscene P.2
Challenge: Fade Effects
Challenge Review: Fade Effects
Cleanup & Commit

Player Movement :
Baking the Floor
Player Setup
Challenge: Point & Click
Challenge Review: Point & Click
Challenge: Player Movement
Challenge Review: Player Movement
Fix Player Clipping Objects
Challenge: Camera Trigger Setup
Challenge Review: Camera Trigger Setup
Challenge: Camera Trigger
Challenge Review: Camera Trigger
Challenge: Camera Look At
Challenge Review: Camera Look At
Setup Darren: 3D Model
Setup Animation Controller
Setup Animation Behaviour Tree
Challenge: Walk Animation
Challenge Review: Walk Animation
Challenge: Back to Idle
Challenge Review: Back to Idle
Commit Changes

Enemy AI :
Guard AI Setup
Cleanup Waypoints
Challenge: Move to Point A
Challenge Review: Move to Point A
Moving Between Waypoints: Sloppy
Challenge: Modular Waypoint Movement Part 1
Challenge Review: Modular Waypoint Movement Part 1
Challenge: Modular Waypoint Movement Part 2
Challenge Review: Modular Waypoint Movement Part 2
Challenge: Reverse Enemy AI
Challenge Review: Reverse Enemy AI
Challenge: Enemy Idle
Challenge Review: Enemy Idle
Challenge: Control Guard Idle
Challenge Review: Control Guard Idle
Guard Animation Setup
Challenge: Guard Animation
Challenge Review: Guard Animation
Setup Other Guards
Let Them See!
Challenge: Eye Functionality
Challenge Review: Eye Functionality
Main Camera Fix & Commit

Coin Distraction :
Challenge: Coin Distraction
Challenge Review: Coin Distraction
Challenge: Prevent Extra Coin Toss
Challenge Review: Prevent Extra Coin Toss
Challenge: Send AI to Coin
Challenge Review: Send AI to Coin
Challenge: Coin Toss Animation
Challenge Review: Coin Toss Animation
Challenge: Voice Over Instruction
Challenge Review: Voice Over Instruction

Security Cameras :
Challenge: Animate Security Cameras
Challenge Review: Animate Security Cameras
Challenge: Detect Darren
Challenge Review: Detect Darren
Hide Game Asset Darren
Challenge: Change Camera Color to Red
Challenge Review: Change Camera Color to Red
Challenge: Freeze Camera
Challenge Review: Freeze Camera

Sleeping Guard Interaction :
Challenge: Activate Sleeping Guard Cutscene
Challenge Review: Activate Sleeping Guard Cutscene
Hide Game Assets During Cutscene
Camera Fade to Black Fix
Camera Position Fix
Fix NavMesh Movement

Game Manager :
Creating the Game Manager
Challenge: Win Cutscene Activation
Challenge Review: Win Cutscene Activation
Fixing Win Cutscene Activation
Challenge: Audio Manager Setup
Challenge Review: Audio Manager Setup
Audio Manager Functionality
Ambient Music
Discovery Stinger
Intro Cutscene Music Fix
Intro Cutscene Cleanup
Intro Cutscene Main Camera Fix
Skip Intro Cutscene

Main Menu :
Challenge: UI Manager
Challenge Review: UI Manager
Cutscene Menu Functionality
Main Menu Setup
Animate Main Menu
Background Music
Challenge: Menu Functionality
Challenge Review: Menu Functionality
Loading Screen Setup
Challenge: Loading Bar
Challenge Review: Loading Bar

The Great Fleece: Recap & Review :

Conclusion :