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The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting started with the course :
Learn how to get a guaranteed win out of this course!
Understanding the basics of drawing and the tools you will need
Join the Artist Inner Family Facebook Group!
Join the Facebook support group and share your drawings!
Learn why drawing is so important
Section 1 review Quiz
3 questions

Lear how to draw a realistic eye :
Drawing the lines and shapes of your eye
Adding the detail to your eye drawing

Learning line fundamental :
Basics of line drawing
Drawing a boot with contour lines
Learning about cross contour lines and how to use them

Learning shape and form fundamentals :
Basics of geometric and organic shapes
Drawing a landscape with geometric shapes
Drawing a character with geometric shapes
Learn the basics of geometric 3D form
Learn how light and shadow work on 3D forms
Advanced form/highlight and shadow
Finding geometric forms in the human face
Creating a landscape out of geometric forms
Line, shape, & form quiz
4 questions

Learning values and contrast :
The value scale and how it works
Drawing still life value drawings
Download the black and white apple value photo
Creating amazing artwork with value contrast
How to choose your values

Learning space and perspective :
Creating space and atmosphere in your drawings
Creating space with overlap, size, and placement in your drawings
Creating space with value and detail in your drawings
One point perspective
Drawing a farm in one point perspective
Two point perspective
Drawing a house and sky scraper in two point perspective
Learn how to add shadows to your perspective drawings
Learn how to draw circles in perspective
The 60% rule of two point perspective.
How to draw a realistic perspective drawing
Adding light and shadow to a realistic perspective drawing
Three point perspective

Still life drawing :
The basics of still life drawing
How to sketch a fruit still life
Download still life photos
How to sketch architecture still life
Learn how to draw from photographs
Download the parakeet image
Adding value to your photo drawing
How to create good composition
How to use thumbnails to create amazing art work

Creating textures in your drawings :
Creating texture for your drawings
Learn how to draw brick texture
Learn how to draw wood texture and apply it to a form
Learn how to draw a reflective texture

Drawing the human face :
Drawing the human face made easy!
Drawing a profile view of the face
Learn how to draw different eyes
Learn how to draw the nose
Learn how to draw the lips
Learn how to draw the ear
Learn how to draw hair

Drawing the human figure :
Sketching the human form
Structuring your figure drawings
Finding your center of gravity

Animation character design :
Learn how I draw animation characters

Course conclusion :
Course conclusion