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The Ultimate Deep Web Guide: Purchase Anything From Markets

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the Course :
Let's Discuss What You Will Need for this Course
Here is a Basic Overview of What This Course Covers
Introduction Quiz
7 questions
Let's See If You Need The Basics
Deep Web Basics: Tails
Deep Web Basics: Tor
Deep Web Basics: Bitcoin
Deep Web Basics: PGP

Hands on with Tails :
Here is a Basic Introduction of Tails
Let's Get Familiar With Using Tails with Virtual Box
Tails on Virtual Box (Written Guide)
Now Let's Use Tails on a USB
Here We Will Discuss The Initial Tails Setup
Tails Has A Lot Of Sotware To Learn About
Test Your Tails Knowledge
5 questions

Diving into Tor :
Let Me Show You The Basics Of Tor
Deep Dive into Onion Routing
Now Let's Discuss The Setup of Tor on Windows/Mac/Linux
Let Me Show You How To Use Tor
It's Important You Know How To Set Up Tor Bridges/VPNs
You Can Run Your Own Tor Node. Learn How Here.
Let's see what you know about Onion Routing.
7 questions

Behind Bitcoin :
Let's Discuss Bitcoin
Now Let's Show You How To Get A Bitcoin Wallet
You'll Need To Know How To Purchase Bitcoin Anonymously
Bitcoin Tumbling Is Vital For Anonymity. Learn How It Works.
Do you know about Bitcoin?
5 questions

Using PGP :
Let Me Give You An Introduction to PGP
Let's Go Through PGP on Windows/Mac
Now Let's Use PGP on Tails

Everything About Dark Net Markets :
Let Me Show You How To Find & Navigate Market Places
Now You'll Need To Verify The Vendor
Finally, Let's Go Through Purchasing Products on Dark Net Markets

Final Thoughts :
Want to be the Most Secure Possible? Watch this.
Final Quiz
25 questions

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