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The RedTeam Blueprint – A Unique Guide To Ethical Hacking

Welcome! Who Is This Guy?! :

The 3 Teams :
Module Overview - The 3 Teams
The Red Team
The Blue Team
The Purple Team

Penetration Testing Process :
Module Overview - Penetration Testing Process
Penetration Testing Methodology
Metrics & Why They Are Important
Routine Assessments Part 1 - What Are Routine Assessments?
Routine Assessments Part 2 - Yearly Assessments
Routine Assessments Part 3 - Quarterly Assessments?
Routine Assessments Part 4- Monthly Assessments?
Routine Assessments Part 5 - Constant Assessments?
Routine Assessments Part 6 - Building an Assessment Plan
Building & Working with an Enterprise Budget
The CIA Triangle

The Windows Operating System :
Installing & Using VirtualBox for Lab Virtualization
Windows at a Glance
The Windows File System
Windows Logs
Windows Internals - UAC
Windows Internals - Permissions
Windows Internals - Alternate Data Streams
Windows Internals - API Calls
Windows Internals - The SID
Windows Internals - Tokens
Windows Internals - Named Pipes
Windows Internals - PE Files & DLLs
Windows Command Line - Accessing the Command Line
Windows Command Line - Navigation
Windows Command Line - Working with Files and Directories
Windows Command Line - Working with Pipes
Windows Command Line - Standard I/O/E
Windows Command Line - Managing Windows

The Linux Operating System :
Where is the GUI?!
The Linux File System
Linux Command Line - Navigation
Linux Command Line - Working with Files and Directories
Linux Command Line - Standard I/O/E Recap
Linux Command Line - Working with Data
Linux Command Line - Working with File Permissions
Linux Command Line - Man Pages
Linux Command Line - Base64
Linux Command Line - Hex
Linux Command Line - Network Connections Recap
Linux Processes
What are INodes?
Working with Open Files
Symbolic Links
The ID's
Linux Pipes
Linux Run Levels
Linux Logs

Operating System Internals :
The Kernel
One Ring to Rule Them All
What is a CPU?
The CPU Registers
The CPU Flags
What is Memory & How does it work?
The Stack
The Heap
Extra information on Memory
Taking a look at ASLR
A Quick Word About AntiVirus

Active Directory :
What is Active Directory
Basic Windows Server Configuration
Install AD DS
The AD Tree
OU's and their Permissions
Managing Users and Groups
Adding Machine to the Domain
Setting up Group Policies
Cached Credentials

Kerberos :
What is Kerberos?
Kerberos Realms
The Authentication Server
The Ticket Granting Server

Data Manipulation :
What is Encryption
Symmetric Encryption
Asymmetric Encryption
RSA Encryption
AES Encryption
What is Hashing?
MD5 Hashing
SHA Hashing
What is Encoding?
Base64 Encoding
Hex Encoding
URL Encoding
What is Compression?
Lossless vs Lossy Compression
LZ77 & LZ78 Compression Algorithms
Data Manipulation - Hands On

Networking :
What is Networking?
The OSI Model
The Switch
Routers & Gateways
What is a Protocol?
What is an IDS
What is an IPS
What is HA?
Quick Talk on Databases

VPNs :
What is a VPN
What is IPSEC?
What is IKE?

Firewalls :
What is a Firewall?
Packet Filtering Firewalls
Stateful Inspecting Firewalls
Web Application Firewalls

Configuring PFSense Firewalls :
Installing PFSense
The Firewall UI
Configuring a DMZ
Configuring a VPN
Backup & Logging
PFsense Hands On

Program Theory :
What is a Compiler?
What is a Linker?

Python Course :
Why Python?
Installing Python
Hello World
Type Casting
The Dictionary
Configuration Files
Error Handling
Python Hands On

Assembly Course :
Why Assembly?
Hello World
Saving States
Logic Control
Reading Files
Writing Files
Op Code
Bit Operators
Assembly Hands On

Scope Identification :
Goal & Scope Identification
Stability Considerations
Briefing Stake Holders
Scope Identification Hands On

Reconnaissance :
What is Reconnaissance?
Installing Kali
Passive Recon - Google
Passive Recon - Shodan
Passive Recon - Whois
Passive Recon - Netcraft
Passive Recon - Job Posting
Active Recon - Port Scanning
Active Recon - DNS
Active Recon - Nikto
Active Recon - Dirb
Active Recon - Sparta
Active Recon - Working with NC
Active Recon - Banner Grabbing
Active Recon - Vulnerability Scanners
Active Recon - Browsing
Active Recon - Manual vs Automated
Reconnaissance Hands On

Exploitation :
Finding Exploits
Looking for 0 days
Metasploit - What is Metasploit?
Metasploit - Exploits and Payloads
Metasploit - The Meterpreter
Metasploit - Adding an Exploit to Metasploit
Metasploit - MSFVenom
Metasploit - Hands On
The OWASP Top 10
SQL Injection & SQLMap
Insecure Direct Object Reference
Local File Inclusion
Remote File Inclusion
The Authenticated Unauthenticated Pages
Broken Authentication and Session Management
Faulty Redirects

Post Exploitation :
Stabilizing Shells
Breaking Out Of The Jail Shell
What is Persistence?
Windows Persistence
Linux Persistence
What is Privilege Escalation?
OS Version
Common Configuration Issues
File Permissions
Relative Path Sudo Binary
Unquoted Service Path
Service Misconfigurations
Im Root Now What?
Pulling Hashes
Pass The Hash
SSH Keys
Checking Logs
Duel Homed Machines
Network Traffic
ARP Poisoning
Web Servers
Account Directory Attacks
Password Spraying
SSH Tunneling

Password Cracking :
What is Password Cracking?
John The Ripper
Rainbow Tables
Password Cracking Hands On

Covering Your Tracks :
Why Cover Your Tracks?
Clearing Windows Logs
Clearing Linux Logs
Quick Talk on Logging
Clearing Command History
Persistent Backdoors
The Clean Up
Covering Your Tracks Hands On

Reporting :
The Format
The Audience
Business Risks on Findings
Remediation Options
Working With The Blue Team

Attacking Active Directory (Realistic Scenario) :
Post Exploitation
Finding New Access
Moving Up In The World!
Getting Domain Admin

Job Hunting :
The Resume
Professional Email
Personal Brand
Searching for the Job
Analyzing the Job Post
Applying for the Job
The Future Company
Salary Requirements
The Interview Process - The Screening Call
The Interview Process - Prepping for the Technical Interviews
The Interview Process - The Technical Screening Interview
The Interview Process - Prepping for the On Site Final Interview
The Interview Process - The Onsite
The Interview Process - The Offer