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The Productive Entrepreneur

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to The productive Entrepreneur :
Beginning your journey, what you can expect

You don't need to be in the Matrix to free your mind. :
Whats on you mind?
My collection tools
2 pages
Activity: Download, install and set up Evernote with your filling system

Getting Started With Time Management :
What is time?
Time Management
The to-do list evolution
Your Morning Routine
How You Should End Every Work Day
It's Friday
Your Weekly Review

It's Time To Talk About Your Communication or Lack Of :
No one is an island
Team Collaboration
Communication Best Practices

Focus, Goals & Time Blocking :
How To Find Your Focus
Staying Focused To Achieve your Goals
Applying Your Focus
What Should Your Goals Look Like?
What's Your Purpose?

Productivity Blockers :
Other People

Productivity Habits :
Habits of the super productive
Habits To Abandon
Don’t Worry It’s Not Just You
These habits are never tolerated by The Productive Entrepreneur
How to Develop Grit & Perseverance
Daily Habits
Night Time Habits

Productivity How To’s. How to... :
Recover When Plans Fail
Stay Motivated
Build Self Confidence
Capture Your Commitments
Stop Making Excuses
Wake Up At 5am

The Productive Entrepreneurs Guide To LEadership :
Why Leadership Matters

Conclusion and Thank You! :
This is only the end of the beginning!

Bonus Material :
Bonus: Quotes from every lecture