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The Greatest Guitar Solo in the World – Learn It Play It

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Part 1 Introduction How to play Django Reinhardt's "Improvisation No. 1"
Part 2 Opening Arpeggios, Melodies
Part 3 Some Breezy Chords
Part 4 A Little Chromatic Run
Part 5 More Breezy Chords
Part 6 Melody after Breezy Chords
Part 7 Diminished Run
Part 8 Chord Hits and Melody
Part 9 Another Little Melody
Part 10 Calm Before the Storm
Part 11 High Drama
Part 12 Second Passage of Dramatic Part
Part 13 Harmonics Melody
Part 14 Two Chords Come After The Harmonics Melody
Part 15 Single-Note Tremolo
Part 16 The Pull Off Lick
Part 17 Chromatic Run After Single-Note Tremolo and Pull Off Lick
Part 18 Arppegiated Chords After The Chromatic Run
Part 19 Notes on the Second Pass of the Tremolo/Pull-off/Chromatic Section
Part 20 Chord Hits after The Tremolo/Pull-off/Chromatic Section
Part 21 Little Melody after Final Chord Hits
Part 22 Descending 4ths Melody
Part 23 Minor Melody after the 4ths Melody
Part 24 The End of Improvisation No.1
Thoughts on Practicing and Performing Improvisation No.1

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