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The Gitlab and Tortoise Git Crash Course

Gitlab Basics :
GitLab Setup
Git Bash
Import a project from Gitlab or anywhere else!
SSH in Gitlab
Gitlab Wiki
Get your Git on!
1 question

Optional: Basic Linux for Git :
Basic Linux commands
Linux for Git Quiz
1 question

User Management in Gitlab :
Manage Users in Gitlab
Import Users
Become the user admin of Gitlab
1 question

Branches in Gitlab :
Branches in Gitlab Intro
Permissions in Gitlab Branches
Branches Quiz
1 question
Tags and Commits in Gitlab
Merge Requests in gitlab

CI/CD in Gitlab :
CI in Gitlab
Using Environments in Gitlab
Set up Kubernetes clusters with and without Gitlab
Practice Continuous Integration in Gitlab!
1 question
Bonus Lecture: The Gitlab Slack Integration

Issues and Project Management :
Milestones in Gitlab
Labels Quiz
1 question
Issue Tracking

Intro to Tortoise Git :
Install Tortoise Git
Using Git Diff in Tortoise
Using Graphs
Using Git Blame
Intro to Tortoise Quiz
1 question

Working with Tortoise Git on a Repository Level :
Using Pull
Add, Commit and Push
Working with Branches
Moving over from Git Bash to Tortoise Git
1 question
Misc Features in Tortoise Git