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The Foundations of Computer Design

Introduction :
Course Introduction

Computers and Numbers :
Numbers and Electricity
Intro to Binary Numbers
Binary Numbers Conversion
Intro to Hexadecimal
A Glance at Octal
Binary Addition
Negative Numbers in Binary
Binary Subtraction and Conclusion of Section 1

Building a Full Adder :
Section Intro and What is a logic gate
The NOT Gate
The AND Gate
The OR Gate
The NAND Gate
The NOR Gate
The Exclusive OR (XOR) gate
More Gates
Building a Circuit that Adds
Building a Circuit that Adds Bigger Numbers

Other Circuits needed in Computer Design :
Sign Extender
The Decoder
The Multiplexer
A Programmable Circuit
The Full ALU

Memory :
A Basic Latch
A Computer's Clock
The D Latch
Building a CPU Register File
A Memory Block

Basic MIPS Programming :
Instructions for Addition and Subtraction
Instructions to Access Memory
Instructions in Machine Language

Designing A Computer :
Program Counter Data Path
Local CPU Memory - The Registers
Accessing Memory
Conditional Branching
Putting it all together
The ALU Control and Main Control
A Complete Programmable Computer