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The Drawing Masterclass – The Beginner Level Drawing Skills

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Beginner Level Guide

Lines :
Drawing Lines Part 1.
Drawing Lines - Part 2.
Zentangle Exercise
Zentangle Mini Project

Drawing Shapes :
Drawing Shapes
Shapes in Practice
Art Therapy Fun

Drawing Forms :
Shapes to Forms
Value Practice
Drawing the Pear
Drawing the Apple
Drawing the Banana
Simple Perspective

Coffee Break :
Coffee Break - The Symbols in Your Head

Drawing the Face - Basic Features :
Drawing the Eye
Drawing the Nose
Drawing the Mouth
Drawing the Ear
Drawing a Random Face - Basic Facial Proportions Part 1.
Drawing the Face Part 2.
Drawing the Face Part 3.

Conclusion :
Beginner Level Summary
Beginner Level Final Project
1 question
Final Thoughts