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The Complete Video Production Course – Beginner To Advanced

Welcome To Our Course! :
Getting Started With Video Production and What You Can Expect In Our Course
Course Overview and Course Goals - How To Use this Course For Maximum Benefits!

Create Stunning Video's Using The Canon 70D DSLR & Cannon HR50 :
Quick Win - Buying Your Camera & Shooting Your First Video!
Canon 70D Overview
Learn How To Record Professional Audio For Your Videos
Pro Tip - Clap To Sync Your Audio Before You Begin Shooting Your Videos!
Which Application Should You Use To Record Your Audio on Your Smartphone?
Pro Tip - Where To Place Your LAV Microphone for Highest Quality Audio
Engage Your Audience By Filming Outdoors In Popular Public Places!
Know the Pro's and Con's To Filming Outdoors Before You Get Started Filming!
Don't Worry About Perfection! Just Launch Your Videos!
Most Important - Obey The Laws!

Create High Quality Screen Capture & Talking Head Videos With Your Computer :
How To Create A Simple Screen Capture Video Using Quicktime
How To Create A Simple Talking Head Video Using Your Built In Webcam
Now That You Have Your Videos It's Time To Start Editing!

CAMTASIA - Make Awesome Screen Based Videos! :
Introduction and Overview
Camtasia File Download
Camtasia Studio and Recorder Overview
Camtasia Studio Quick Overview
Camtasia Recorder Overview
Creating Our First Recording
Basic Editing of Our Recording
Camtasia Advanced Editing
Adding Zoom to our Video
Adding Callouts
More on Callouts plus Split and Extend
Using Blur, Spotlight and Highlighter Callouts
Cursor Options and Order of Editing
Adding an Intro Animation from the Library
Adding an Intro From the Library
Adding Music to the Intro
Add a Transition and an Outro
Produce and Share
Camtasia 8 Quiz
12 questions

Preview of NEW CAMTASIA Version 9! :
Installation Details
Camtasia 9 Screen Quick Tour
New Library Objects!
Importing from Camtasia 8 Library
Editing Camtasia 8 Project and New Capabilities

The Complete iMovie Video Tutorial Section - Go From From Beginner To Advanced :
Section Introduction - Welcome to iMovie 2016 / 2017 and How To Edit Your Videos

iMovie Basics - Get Started Learning The Basics of iMovie :
iMovie Basics - Get Started Learning The Basics of iMovie: Part II
How To Use Simple Hot Keys to Create Amazing Videos on iMovie
Learn How To Use Transitions Create Professional Effects using iMovie
Learn How To Add Text To All of Your Videos with iMovie
Learn How To Use Text and Titles Part II
Learn How to Use Maps and Backgrounds Using iMovie
Learn How To Add Music and Sounds Effects To Your Videos in iMovie
How To Add Sound Effects and Stingers To Your iMovie Videos!
Learn How To Add Pictures and Videos to Your Videos in iMovie
Learn how to use Slow Motion and Fast Motion for your Videos in iMovie
Final Project
iMovie Quiz
5 questions

Course Summary and Conclusion :
Course Summary and Conclusion