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The Complete Instructor Mastermind [Unofficial Course]

Course Welcome & Overview :
Course Welcome & Overview
Udemy Business Model Overview

Where to Start & Important Udemy Info :
Picking the Right Niche
Why Udemy
How Much Can You Expect to Make

Uploading Courses to the Platform & Strategies for Success :
Start Your Course with This to Double Your Profit
What Subjects to Start Courses on
The General Way Courses are Filmed
How to Film Better Videos & Course Lectures with a Teleprompter
Importance of Scripting, Outlining, & Overview for Courses

Uploading Courses & Optimizing Them :
Uploading Courses & Optimizing Them (Part 1)
Uploading Courses & Optimizing Them (Part 2)
Uploading Courses & Optimizing Them (Part 3)
Utilize Bonus Lectures to Your Advantage

Getting Students, Reviews, & Ranking Your Courses :
Getting More Students into Your Course
Getting Reviews & the Importance of Ratings
Course Sales & Price
Udemy Promotions & How They Benefit You
How & Why to Push Your Own Coupon Codes

Student Relationships & Course Marketing :
Maintaining Good Relationships
Buliding a Brand & an Email List

Tips for Having Successful Courses :
Things to Remember About the Most Successful Courses
24.How to Target Specific Course Opportunities for More Revenue
Promo Video to Prompt More Sales from Your Landing Page
My Formula for a Promo Video & Importance of Updating Your Course for New S
Develop a Test Group
Respond to Reviews
Increasing Watch Time & the Best Approach for Courses

More Important Information on Ranking Courses & Promoting Them :
Educational vs. Promotional Annoucements & How to Use Each
Benefits & Drawbacks of Free Coupon Codes
Appealing to a Broad Market for More Sales
Have Goals in Mind & Stay Consistent
The Compound Effect
Importance of Great Course Thumbnails
Rank Your Course then Collect Organic & Promotional Sales
Continue Updating & Adding Lectures
Rinse, Repeat, & Scale

Extra Bonus Tips :
Adding Quizzes to Your Course & Udemy Promotion Link Update

Course Wrap Up :
Udemy Quiz
5 questions
Course Wrap Up & Questions
Bonus Lecture