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The Complete Twitter Marketing Bootcamp 2017

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to Twitter marketing class :
Introduction to Twitter marketing class

Building Your Twitter marketing game plan :
Watch this before getting started
Why use Twitter and some statistics
Biggest mistakes people make on Twitter
Create a killer Twitter marketing plan and daily schedule
ABC system of Twitter marketing
Twitter plan
1 question

Attract Phase: How to get the RIGHT type of followers :
Design Your Twitter Profile for Maximum Engagement
DEMO - Examples and reviews of best Twitter profiles
Best practices to gain Twitter followers
A growth hack to grow your Twitter account FAST!
Twitter Profile
1 question

Build Phase: Create meaningful relationships :
How to build amazing relationships on Twitter
Twitter direct message growth hack
Case studies - Relationship building case studies
Twitter Direct Messaging
1 question

Convert Phase: Start converting followers into leads :
Creating lead generation campaigns on Twitter
How to pick a killer lead magnet (offer)
How to design a good landing page
Demo - Use Hootsuite campaigns to create landing pages
How to promote your Lead generation campaign (Free & Paid tactics)
Use Twitter card for lead generation
Case Study - Find local prospects and customers using Twitter

Twitter Ads 101 - Basics and how to get started :
Twitter ads: how to get more followers
Twitter ads: how to get website traffic

Tools for Twitter marketing :
A tool to find and follow Industry influencers
A tool to search Hashtags
A tool to analyze Hashtags before using
A simple tool for Twitter growth
A tool to clean up Twitter account and follower growth
A tool to post and schedule Tweets and other social media updates
Bulk upload and schedule Tweets - Save time and be more productive

Conclusion and BONUS :
Thank you and the next steps
BONUS - Crazy specials on Ali's TOP courses