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The Complete Technical Analysis Trading Course (New 2018)

Course Introduction :
Course Introduction
[Important] Before we start!

Technical Analysis Fundamentals :
Understanding Technical Analysis Basics
How to Read Stock Charts - Market Trends
How to Read Stock Charts - Multiple Chart Time Frame Analysis
Understanding Support & Resistance
Understanding Levels, Trend Lines & Channels
Trading Psychology - Mistakes to Avoid

The Best Technical Indicators & Oscillators :
How to Trade With Support & Resistance + Trade Setups
How to Trade With Fibonacci & Extensions + Trade Setups
How to Trade With Exponential Moving Averages + Trade Setups
How to Trade With Parabolic SAR + Trade Setups
How to Trade With MACD + Trade Setups
How to Trade With RSI + Trade Setups

How to Trade With Candlesticks & Chart Patterns :
How Chart Patterns Work
How to Trade Wedges, Triangles and Pennants
How to Trade Double Tops + Bottoms
How to Trade Head and Shoulders + Cup and Handle
How to Trade Single Candlestick Patterns
How to Trade Double Candlestick Patterns
How to Trade Triple Candlestick Patterns

Conclusion :
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Bonus: Your Next Steps - Upgrade Your Knowledge!
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Understand How the Stock Markets Actually Work :
Profits from the Panic
The Incoming Opportunity - Don't Get Left Behind!
What You Can Do Now
BONUS SECTION - Value Investing Fundamentals

Introduction :
What is Value Investing?
3 Real-World Steps to Implement the Value Investing Strategy
Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get
Understanding Margin of Safety
Principle 1: Understand What You Are Doing
Principle 2: Invest in a Cash Rich Business
Principle 3: Seek Out Businesses with Low Debt
Principle 4: Rely on High-Quality Management
Principle 5: Avoiding Losses is The First Priority
Principle 6: Invest for the Long-Term
Principle 7: Know When to Sell Your Stocks
What is an Economic Moat?
Why a Company’s Economic Moat is So Important
The Advantage of Lower Cost
The Advantage of Greater Size
The Possession of Unique Assets
The Benefits of the Network Effect
The Ability to Command High Switching Costs
Your Next Steps
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