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The Complete Spine Game Rigging & Animation Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

Learning Photoshop's animation tools :
Animating a potion bottle in Photoshop using puppet warp
Download potion bottle .png
Animating a character using the puppet warp tool
Download character .png
Learn how to export your animations from Photoshop

Building a character for spine animation :
Blocking out you character body parts
Download Character sketch
Adding detail to your characters body
Adding detail to your characters head
Changing your characters colors
Duplicating your characters legs and arms
Download Character JSON file
Slicing up a character for spine animation
Exporting character for spine

Setting your character up for animation in Spine :
Importing your character into Spine
Learning to navigate Spine's interface
Creating your first bone!
Creating a skeleton for your character
Color coding and grouping your bones
Setup tool overview
Spine interface quiz!
4 questions

Animating in Spine! :
Creating your first animation in Spine!
Animating your first pose
Animating the run cycle part 1
Animating the run cycle part 2
How to fix problems with your animation
Exporting animation from Spine
Course conclusion