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The Complete Sketch 5 Course – Design Apps & Websites 2018

Introduction :
Why I built this course
Join the Community!

Sketch University :
Intro to Sketch University
Sketch Requirements
The Interface
Layer Basics
Editing Shapes
Boolean Operations
Other Shape Tools
Intro to Text
Images & Bitmaps
Text Styles
Grouping Layers
Styling Part 1: Fills & Borders
Styling Part 2: Shadows & Blurs
Styling Part 3: Colors, Gradients, and Shared Layer Styles
The Canvas

Speed Project: Designing a Mobile App Screen :
Intro to Speed Project
Re-designing Headspace App
Header Background
Header Text & Button
Progress Bar and Text Style
Funky Shapes
Final Section
Sketch Mirror

Business Idea :
Intro to The Idea
The Idea

Setting up our Style Guide: Colors :
Intro to Color Styles
Basic Styles
Grey Colors
Accent Colors
Borders & Chart Lines
Inputs & Shadows

Style Guide: Typography :
Intro to Typography Styles
Typography Guide
Typography Continued
Typography Sketch Download

Logo Design :
Intro to Logo Design
Required Files
Starting our Logo Icon
Finishing Logo Icon
Finalizing our Logo
Turning our Logo into Symbols

Wireframing :
Intro to Wireframing
Intro to Wireframing
Wireframe Screens
Web Based Wireframe tools: Free & Paid

Designing the Spendo Mobile App :
Intro to Mobile App Design
Login Page
Finishing Login Page
Profile & Diverse UI Plugin
Profile Continued
Finishing Profile Screen
Expense Screen
Creating Expense Symbols
My Cards Screen
Virtual Credit Card
Card Info
Call to Action
CHALLENGE: Create the last screen on your own!
REVEAL: Challenge Completed

Designing the Spendo Web App :
Intro to Web App Design
Web App Layout
Sidebar: Header
Sidebar: Header Continued
Menu Items
Active State
Top Menu
Complete Top Menu
Main View: Transactions
Transactions Continued
Creating Transaction Symbol
Adding Pagination
Finishing our Page
Setting up our Team Page
Team Page Continued
Adding a new Team Member
What do you want to see next?
12 Column Bootstrap Grid
5 lectures
Intro to Grids
Intro to Bootstrap Grid
Bootstrap Grid Continued
Intro to 8 Point Grid System
Additional Reading: 8 Pt Grid System
Spendo Landing Page
25 lectures
Intro to Landing Page
Landing Page Example: Sketch
Setting up our Grid
Hero Section
Iphone Mockup
Browser Mockup
Credit Card Mockup
Heart Icon
Shield Icon
Alarm Icon
Reset bounding box after rotation
Camera Icon
Cloud Icon
Chat Bubble Icon
Icon Conversion
Feature Section
Feature 1: Text Content
Feature 1 & 2
Testimonial Part 1
Testimonial Part 2
Additional Resources
Call to Action
Master Spendo Download File
7 lectures
Speed Prototyping with Sketch
Prototyping the Spendo App
Intro to Invision
Prototyping with Invision
Craft by Invision
Data & Duplicate in Craft
Prototyping in Sketch and Sharing
Introduction to UX
8 lectures
What is User Experience?
Where UX Started
User Centered Design
10 Principles of User Centered Design
Business Needs vs User Needs
Qualities of a good UX Designer
UX Design Proccess
Continued Education
3 lectures
Sketch Resources
Dribble: Show & Tell for Designers
Developer Handoff: Zeplin