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The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginners Course

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Welcome :

Piano Technique Fundamentals :
How to Position Yourself at the Piano

The Elements of Music :
The 12 Notes
Notes Exercise
The 12 Intervals
Intervals Exercise

How to Play Chords (The Formula) :
The Formula to Play any Major and Minor Chord
Major and Minor Chord Exercise
The Formula to Play any Diminished and Augmented Chord
How Chords Work in Songs
Chord Symbols Chart

How to Play Scales (The Formula) :
The 12 Keys (Scales): The Simple Formula to Play All of Them
Scales Exercise

Music Theory Fundamentals :
Diatonic Harmony
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The Circle of 5ths
The Minor Keys

Rhythm Fundamentals :
Rhythm Fundamentals

How to Read Music :
Sheet Music Breakdown - The 2 Signatures, Measures, and Style
How to Read Notes
Note Reading Example

Conclusion :

Bonus :
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