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The Complete PHP MySQL Professional Course with 5 Projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Promo Video :
Course Promo Video

Building Blocks of PHP :
Requirements overview
XAMP Downloading and Installing
XAMP Files and Solving Error
Getting the Best Editor
Document overview
Arrays Functions
Array Functions
2 questions

Building Blocks of PHP Continue.. :
Inside Job
If Statements
For Loop
While Loops
For-each Loops
Switch Statements
User Define Functions
Static Variables
Local Variables
Global Variables
Super Global Variables

Super Global Post Variable :
Form Another Working Example

Regular Expressions :
Regular Expressions PPT
Regular Expressions Creation Part 1
Regular Expressions Creation Part 2

Form Validation Pro :
Form Validation Project Overview Part 1
Form Validation Project Part 2
Form Validation Project Part 3 Adding Constraints
Form Validation Project Part 4 Finishing PHP
Form Validation Project Part 5 Working with CSS
Sending Email in PHP
Form Validation Project Sending Email

Dynamic Web Pages :
Dynamic Web Pages Project Part 1
Dynamic Web Pages Project Part 2
Dynamic Web Pages Project Part 3
Dynamic Web Pages Project Part 4

Powerful Super Global Variables :
Setting Cookie
Un-Setting Cookie

Employee Management Crud Application :
Creating DB and Table
Establishing Connection
Inserting Into DataBase Part 1 Form Creation and Applying Styles
Inserting Into DataBase Part 2 PHP and Query Creation
Inserting Into DataBase Part 3 Adding Constraints
View From DataBase
Delete From DataBase
Update Into DataBase Part 1
Update Into DataBase Part 2
Update Into DataBase Part 3
Update Into DataBase Part 4 Summary
Search From DataBase
SQL Injection

The Giant CMS Project :
Last Project Trailer

Configuring Bootstrap :
Download bootstrap
Bootstrap Intruducton

Designing Admin Panel :
Creating the Dashboard
Designing Tabs

PHP MYSQL Work in Admin-Panel :
Creating DataBase and Category Table
Creating Category Form
Date and Time
Validations on Category
Completing Manage Category Page
Add New Post Form Creation
Add New Post Form Validation
Add New Post Form Complition

Working with Public Front-End of Blog :
Deigning Public Front-End Navigation
Toogle Menu
Designing the Main Area for Blog
Extracting Post From DB on Blog Page
Activating Search Tab of Blog Page
Full Blog Post
Designing and Extracting Dashboard
Enhancing Admin Experience
Edit Post Extraction
Edit Post Updation
Delete Post

Working with Comments :
Designing Comment Form
PHP for Comments
Adding Relation between Tables using Foreign Key and Primary Key
Extracting Comments
Designing Comments Dashboard
Approve Comments
DisApprove Comments
Delete Comments
Enhancing Admin Experience on Comments Tab
Delete Category

Admin Registration System :
Adding New Admins
Extracting and Deleting Admins

Managing Login / Logout / Access Process :
Designing Login Page
Adding Addson on login page
Longing in
Restricting Admin Area
LogOut Page
Adding Author Name in Creational Process
Adding Author Name in Comment Approval Process

Pagination :
Understanding Pagination
Restricting Content on our Blog
Creating Pagination Algorithm
Creating Pagination Links
Styling Pagination
Creating Forward and BackWard Button on Pagination
Completing Main Area

Working with Side Area of Blog :
Starting Side Area
Creating Panels
Showing Posts According to Category
Recent Posts in Side Area

Finalizing the Product :
Final UI Presentation and Code Testing Part 1
Final UI Presentation and Code Testing Part 2

What Next :
Bonus Lecture
For More