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The Complete MATLAB Training Bundle (5 courses)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course 1: Complete MATLAB Tutoral: Go from Beginner to Pro :
Segment 1: Instructor and Course Introduction
Segment 2: Handling variables and Creating Scripts
Segment 3: Doing Basic Maths in MATLAB
Segment 4: Operations on Matrices
Segment 5: Advance Math Functions with Symbolic Data Type
Segment 6: Interacting with MATLAB and Graphics
Segment 7: Importing Data into MATLAB
Segment 8: MATLAB Programming
Segment 9: Sharing Your MATLAB Results

Course 2: Advance MATLAB Data Types and Data Structures :
Segment 1: Cell Data Type
Segment 2: Table Data Type
Segment 3: Time Table Data Type
Segment 4: Structures
Segment 5: Map Containers
Segment 6: Conversion between Different Data Types

Course 3: Create Apps in MATLAB Using GUIDE :
Segment 1: Basics of the GUIDE
Segment 2: Linking the Code with GUI
Segment 3: Advance Techniques for GUIDE
Segment 4: Sample Projects with GUIDE
Segment 5: More Useful Tricks and Examples with GUIDE
Course 4: Create Apps in MATLAB Using App Designer
Segment 1: Basics of App Designer
Segment 2: Tips and Tricks for Effective use of App Designer
Segment 3: Coding GUI’s
Segment 4: Advance Techniques
Segment 5: Sample Projects with App Designer
Course 5: Create Apps in MATLAB Using App Designer
Segment 1: Introduction to MATLAB for Excel Users
Segment 2: Data Preprocessing and Importing Data from Excel
Segment 3: Data Analysis
Segment 4: Generating Reports for Sharing Purpose
Segment 5: Using MATLAB from Excel Enviroment

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