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The Complete jQuery Course: From Beginner To Advanced!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome To The Complete jQuery Course! Learn What This Course Can Do For You!
How To Use This Course To Gain Its Maximum Benefits & Learn jQuery Quickly
A Quick Overview of JavaScript and jQuery
Overview of JavaScript Frameworks
Setting Up The Editor

Effects - Animations :
Setting Up The jQuery Project
Fading In Elements (and Fading Them Out Again)
A Pitfall With fadeIn/fadeOut vs. fadeTo
Showing And Hiding Elements
Sliding Elements Up And Down
Moving Elements
Get Creative: Custom Animations!
Delaying and Chaining Animations
Timing Animations Using Callback Functions
Coding Activity: Creating a Signup Lightbox!

Element Selectors :
Using CSS Selectors in jQuery
jQuery Methods for Traversal
jQuery Methods for Filtering

Manipulating the DOM I - Inserting, Replacing and Removing Elements :
What is the DOM?
Adding New Elements to the DOM
Replacing Elements and Content
Removing Elements and Content
Manipulating Attributes and Properties
Coding Activity: Creating an Image Slideshow!

Manipulating the DOM II - Changing Element Data and CSS :
Changing the CSS Properties of Elements
Adding or Removing CSS Classes
Changing the Data of an Element
Retrieving and Changing the Content of an Element

Events I ‒ Handling Mouse Events & Keyboard Events :
What are Events and Event Handlers?
Adding Click Handlers
Adding Hover Handlers
Adding MouseEnter & MouseLeave Handlers
Adding the Same Handler for Multiple Events
Modularizing Event Handlers (No More Inline Functions)
Delegated Events
Passing Additional Data to Events
Coding Activity: Creating an Image Gallery with Lightbox Preview
Handling KeyDown & KeyUp Events

Events II ‒ Forms :
The Focus & Blur Events
Using the Change Event
Handling the Submit Event
Coding Activity: Complete Form Validation on Submit
Coding Activity: Fast Feedback Form

Ajax with jQuery :
What is Ajax?
Fetching a Server File with jQuery
Retrieving Flickr Images Through the Flickr API (+Understanding JSON)
Coding Activity: Retrieving Pokémon Data from The PokéAPI (Or Star Wars)
Coding Activity: Improving the Pokédex

Conclusion :
Course Summary and Conclusion! What Have We Learned In This Course?

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