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The Complete Java Developer Course from Scratch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction & Setup :
Set up Java and IntelliJ on Windows
Setting up environment variables on Windows
Set up Java and IntelliJ on Mac
Set up Java and IntelliJ on Linux

Hello, World! :
How Java is Structured - JDK, JRE and JVM.
Creating a Hello World Application.
Behind the Scenes - Compiling and Interpreting Code Manually.
Homework 1 - Make Yourself a Class!
Homework 1 Solution - Make Yourself a Class!

OOP Concepts, Part 1: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming :
Introduction & Naming Conventions.
Object-Oriented Programming: A Primer.
Organising Your Code with Packages.
Homework 2 - Devise a Class & Package Structure.
Homework 2 Solution - Devise a Class & Package Structure.

Variables & Data Types, Part 1 :
What is a variable?
Java’s Primitive Data Types.
Assignment and Expression Statements.
Homework 3 - Pick the Right Data Type.
Homework 3 Solution - Pick the Right Data Type.

Statements :
Code Blocks, Scopes and indentation best practices.
Making Decisions using Conditional Statements (if statements).
Using the Java switch Statement.
Best Practice: Boolean Expressions in Conditional Statements.
Repeating Blocks of Code using Iteration Statements (loops).
Pre-Tested vs Post-Tested Loops.
Transfer of Control Statements 1 (break and continue).
Transfer of Control Statements 2 (return).
Homework 4: An Application with Decisions and Loops.
Homework 4 Solution: An Application with Decisions and Loops.

PROJECT - Test Your Mettle 1-3 :
Test Your Mettle 1, 2 and 3.
Solution to Test Your Mettle 1.
Solution to Test Your Mettle 2.
Solution to Test Your Mettle 3.

Operators and Operator Precedence :
The Assignment Operators.
Arithmetic Operators (+, -, /, *, %).
Relational and Equality Operators (==, =).
Logical Operators (&&, ||, !).
Operator Precedence.
Prefix and Postfix Increment/Decrement Operators (--, ++).
Homework 5: The Insurance Premium Calculator.
Homework 5 Solution: The Insurance Premium Calculator.

Strings and Their Methods :
Strings and String Concatenation.
Useful String Methods.
String Mutability and the StringBuilder class.
String Equality.
Homework 6: Using String and StringBuilder.
Homework 6 Solution: Using String and StringBuilder.

User Input :
Using the Java Scanner class.
Let’s Create a BMI Calculator.
Homework 7: Create an ATM.
Homework 7 Solution: Create an ATM.

PROJECT - Test Your Mettle 4-6 :
Test Your Mettle 4, 5 and 6.
Solution to Test Your Mettle 4.
Solution to Test Your Mettle 5.
Solution to Test Your Mettle 6.
Variables and Data Types, Part 2
4 lectures
Java’s Wrapper Classes and Autoboxing.
Java as a Strongly Typed Language and Data Type Conversions (Casting).
OOP Concepts, Part 2: Passing Objects, Constructors, ‘this’ and ‘super’.
9 lectures
Access Modifiers and Return Types.
Method Overloading.
Arguments By Reference and By Value.
Creating and Using Constructors.
Using the ‘this’ and ‘super’ keywords.
Static methods and fields.
Homework 8: Create a Calculator.
Homework 8 Solution: Create a Calculator.
Variables and Data Types, Part 3.
6 lectures
Multidimensional Arrays.
Using the ArrayList class.
Using the For-Each Loop.
Homework 9: Create a Payslip Generator.
Homework 9 Solution: Create a Payslip Generator.
OOP Concepts, Part 3: Inheritance, Encapsulation & Polymorphism.
9 lectures
Inheritance in Java.
Overriding Methods.
Abstract Classes.
Encapsulation with Getters and Setters.
Homework 10: A Fully Object-Oriented Application.
Homework 10 Solution: A Fully Object-Oriented Application.
PROJECT - Test Your Mettle 7-9
4 lectures
Test Your Mettle 7, 8 and 9.
Solution to Test Your Mettle 7.
Solution to Test Your Mettle 8.
Solution to Test Your Mettle 9.
Exception Handling.
5 lectures
Checked and Unchecked Exceptions and the try-catch statement.
Throwing Your Own Exceptions.
Homework 11: The Infallible Divider.
Homework 11 Solution: The Infallible Divider.
Additional Topics.
5 lectures
Garbage Collection.
Simple Lambda Expressions.
Using the Java 8 Date and Time Classes.
BONUS - JavaFX and Java updates.
4 lectures
Create the JavaFX GUI, Part 1
Create the JavaFX GUI, Part 2
Make the GUI Functional.
New in Java.