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The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass

Instagram Marketing: Introduction :
How you will profit from this course
How to take this course
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Instagram Marketing: First Steps :
10 Powerful Brands that are killing it on Instagram!
Follow 5 brands/products that you like or use
1 question

Instagram Power Account: Setting up an Optimized Instagram Account :
Module Intro: Instagram Power Account
Creating your Optimized Instagram Account
Switching from Personal to Business Instagram Profile
Choosing the best Instagram Handle and Username for your business
Optimizing your Instagram Profile Picture
Creating a Captivating Instagram Bio using the absolute Best Keywords
Getting Inspiration for your Bio from the Top players on Instagram
Finishing your Optimized Instagram Bio
Adding your business Information, Category and Contact Options to Instagram
Create and Optimize your Instagram Account
1 question

Instagram Content Plan: Creating captivating content for your Audience :
Module Intro: Instagram Content Plan
Instagram Content Ideas (Brainstorm)
6 Ways to get a Viral Instagram Post. What to post?
Learning your Competitors Best Strategy!
Spying Your Competitors Checklist
Learning your Competitors Strategies
2 questions

Instagram Posting Genius: Posting Strategies for Instagram :
Module Intro: Instagram Posting Genius
Best Times to Post on Instagram
Developing a Posting Schedule for Instagram
Posting and Scheduling post from your Computer
Uploading Photos and Videos to Instagram
The Power of Hashtags + Instagram Search
Adding Hashtags to your Instagram Posts
Getting Free Unlimited and Professional Images to post on Instagram
Posting Optimized Content to Instagram
1 question

Instagram Stories: Making Raving Fans that watch you every day! :
Module Intro: Instagram Stories
Top Instagram Stories examples
The Power of Instagram Stories
Instagram Story Settings
Creating your Instagram Stories
Powerful Call-to-Action (CTA) on Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories
1 question

Instagram Live: Creating Live Shows from your Smartphone :
Why Instagram Live?
Going Live on Instagram
Planning your Instagram Live Session
Monetizing your Instagram Live Session
7 Tips to Optimize your Live Streaming
Going Live on Instagram
1 question

10 Ways to Grow Your Organic Instagram Presence (without Ads!) :
#1 Cross-promote your Instagram in your other Channels to Gain Followers
#2 Add Emojis to Boost Discoverability
#3 Create a Photo Theme
#4 Add Hashtags to Reach more People
#5 Partner with other influencers to Boost Exposure
#6 Run Giveaways to Attract New Followers
#7 Create a Bio that touches your audience's heart
#8 Create Quote Graphics that people share
#9 Post Graphics with questions for your audience
#10 Be Consistent!

Instagram Marketing: Connecting Instagram with your Facebook Page :
Module Intro: Connecting Instagram with your Facebook Page
Facebook Apps Links
Connecting your Instagram with your Facebook Business Page
Linking your Instagram with your Facebook Page
2 questions

Instagram Stats: Measuring your Success on Instagram :
Instagram Statistics - Measuring your Instagram Success

Instagram App, Tricks and Strategies :
Best Instagram Filters for Business
Reposting to Instagram
Embedding Instagram photos on your website
Using Instagram Widgets on your Website
Adding multiple Links to your Instagram Profile

Instagram Ads: Introduction :
Module Intro: Instagram Ads
4 types of Instagram Ads
Knowing the Facebook Ads Manager
Setting Up your Payment Account for Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads Settings and Sizes

Instagram Ads: Defining your Target Audience :
Defining your Instagram Target Audience
Using all the Power of Facebook Insights to know your Target Audience
Define your Facebook Target Audience
1 question

Instagram Ads: Creating a Powerful Instagram Ad Campaign :
Planning your Instagram Ad
Creating your Instagram Ad in the Ads Manager
Creating your Instagram Ad inside the App
Create an Instagram Ad
1 question

6 Mistakes People Make on Instagram and how to avoid them :
#1 Mistakes People Make on Instagram
#2 Mistakes People Make on Instagram
#3 Mistakes People Make on Instagram
#4 Mistakes People Make on Instagram
#5 Mistakes People Make on Instagram
#6 Mistakes People Make on Instagram

Your Final Assignment! :
Final Assignment!
1 question

(Bonus) Creating a Facebook Page for your Business :
Module Intro: Creating a Business Facebook Page
Creating a Stunning Facebook Page for your Business
Adding Essential information to your Facebook Page
How to Choose the perfect Profile Image
Creating a Professional Facebook Page Cover Image

Students Q & A - Answer to your questions in video by Diego Davila. :
How to get the Red background image for smartphones (Instagram Stories)
Can I create an Instagram account for one single product?
How to choose an optimized Instagram handle or username
Can I Pay for Instagram likes to grow the number of followers?
Maintaining anonymity on Instagram. When linking your FB Page with Instagram.
How to Add Multiple Instagram account to your Smartphone
What to do first if you are Starting from Scratch with Zero Followers
How to Check if Facebook Shared your Data with Cambridge Analytica

Live Sessions with Diego Davila :
How to use the Instagram Stories Highlights like a Pro!

Congratulations! :
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