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The Complete hapiJS Course – Go From Beginner To Advanced!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome To Our Course! Learn All of The Benefits To hapiJs :
Introduction & Course Benefits: How To Get Started With hapiJs
Course Overview & Layout: How To Use This Course To Gain The Maximum Experience!
hapiJs walkthrough
Introducing the sample project
My development environment
Getting started: Hello World

Basic hapi concepts :
Routes and handlers
Request lifecycle, object and extension points

Building the API part :
API Design
API Project Setup
Implementing endpoints using static data
Modularizing code using plugins
4-minute introduction to MongoDB
Adding MongoDB to the table
Validation with Joi
Http friendly errors with Boom
Authentication: adding Bearer tokens
Testing the endpoints with Postman

Building the Website part :
Website Overview
Website project setup
Serving static files
Using handlebars as templating engine
Login and user sessions
Calling an external API with Wreck
Validation with Joi
Creating custom error pages

Advanced Concepts :
Automatic application restart on changes with Nodemon
Debugging with node-Inspector and tv
Display routes table on startup with Blipp
Composing your server with Glue
Generating a documentation with Lout
File uploads
Client-side caching
Server-side caching with Catbox
Working with Cookies
Third-party authentication with Bell
API versioning
Realtime apps with nes and RethinkDB
Using boilerplates for productivity boost

Security :
Setting common security headers
Getting familiar with CORS
Protection from CSRF attacks with Crumb

Production :
Automated testing with Lab and Code
Logging with Good
Using Poop for uncaught exceptions
Cloud deployment on Heroku

Course Summary and Conclusion! What Have We Learned In This Course? :
Course Summary and Conclusion! What Have We Learned In This Course?
Bonus Lecture: Want More? See How You Can Continue Your Learning With Us Today!