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The Complete Guide To Marketing & Branding Small Business

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Introduction
7 Goals And 5 Steps To Building Your Successful Brand
What Is Branding ?
What Is Branding ?
1 question
Price Competition Vs Branding Strategy
Price Competition VS Branding Strategy
1 question
Price Competition VS Branding Strategy Case Study
Customers Brand Experience Funnel
Customers Brand Experience Funnel
1 question
Assignment : Customers Brand Experience Funnel
How Do Today Customers Inspect And Perceive Brands ?
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Branding Strategy :
Deciding Your Brand Type
Designing Your Brand Strategy
Creating A Strong USP For A Specific Audience
Creating unique selling proposition
1 question
Assignment : Study A Brand Strategy
Define Your Brand Vision And Mission
Communicate Through A Meaningful Story
1 question
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Brand Personality :
Understanding Consumers Desires And Needs
Creating A Strong Brand Personality
Brands Archetypes : 1.Innocent - 2.Explorer - 3.Sage
Brand Archetype
1 question
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Brands Archetypes : 4.Hero - 5.Outlaw - 6.Caregiver
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Brands Archetypes : 7.Magician - 8.Ruler - 9.Regular Brand
Brand Archetype : Quiz 2
1 question
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Brands Archetypes : 10. Creator - 11.Lover - 12.Jester
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Visuals & Design :
The Art Of Logo Design And Colors
The Art Of Brands Photography
Putting It All Together : Case Study - Honest Tea

The End :
Bonus : 11 Core Principles For Creating Successful Brands
Congrats, You Made It To The End !
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