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The Complete front end web developer Bootcamp – 14 projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction, getting the development tools and basics of HTML :
A quick look at projects that we will build in this course
Introduction to the front end development course
A personal talk
Collecting and installing developer tools
Structuring the files and creating first file
Text tags
list items
Ending with challenge and solution
Get Your Exercise files here

Div, tables and Forms with Challenge to create FB page :
Divisions and Spans
Images and links
Challenge for links in images and solution
Tables in HTML
Basic forms
More about forms in HTML
Challenge to create a facebook login page and solution

HTML 5 semantics and adding audio, video and YouTube to web page :
Introducing HTML 5
Comparing HTML 4 semantics with HTML 5
Adding Videos, audios and YouTube Videos

CSS - Box model, color selection, Google Fonts and Font Awesome integration :
Introduction to CSS and where to write it
Solving the color selection problem
Coming soon Template and box model
Box model and centering text
Google fonts and Font awesome integration

Web development projects - GYM and Sushi Restro Templates :
Project - GYM coming soon Part -1
Project GYM coming soon Part - 2
Project - Sushi Restro coming soon with Video Part - 1
Project - Sushi Restro coming soon with Video Part - 2

CSS - classes, ID's, parallax and project to edit template :
Styling the links
Classes and ID in CSS
Designing a navigation bar from scratch
Color palettes and canva for design
Adding parallax part 1
Adding parallax part 2
Project - Learn to edit templates part 1
Project - learnt to edit templates part 2
Project - Challenge to edit a template

CSS - box sizing, gradients and TODO list project :
Gradients in CSS
Check through CSS
Box sizing in CSS
Project - TODO list APP part 1
Project - Todo List APP part 2
Project - Todo List App part 3

Getting started with Bootstrap - Tour and creating landing page project :
Introduction to Bootstrap
Creating first bootstrap file structure
Overview of bootstrap working
Understanding the grid system
Tour to CSS part of the bootstrap
Tour to Components part of bootstrap
Javascript components and layoutIt website builder
Project - responsive landing page part - 1
Project - responsive landing page part - 2
Project - adding facebook and twitter logins

Project - Pokemon Corporate site, yahoo selling page and Admin Dashboard :
Project pokemon Company adding navigations
Project pokemon - adding slider
Project pokemon - adding team section
Project Pokemon - adding content section
Project Pokemon - footer and animations
Yahoo Selling page - navbars
Yahoo Selling page - complete
Project AdminDashboard - adding navbars
Project AdminDashboard - adding left dashboard
Project AdminDashboard - adding main content
Project AdminDashboard - complete

Grabbing the tools to learn and write Javascript :
Important note before we move on to javascript
Getting the tools ready for javascript

Javascript - Basic concept, variables, operations and best practice :
Where to put Javascript
Getting rid of popups
Some basic concepts for JS
Comments for unit testing
Variables - Naming, syntax and problems
Operations on variables
A talk on datatypes

Javascript - conditionals and functions :
Conditionals and comparisions
Switch and case in JS
For and For In loop in JS
While and Do While loop in JS
Break and continue in JS
Functions in JS
Global and local variables in JS
Objects - Usage and Declaration
Binding functions to events

Javascript - Exceptions, Hoisting and regular expressions :
Catching from exception using try catch
String in built methods
Numbers InBuilt methods
Hoisting and strict.js overview
regular expression Usage in JS

Javascript - functions and closures :
Function basics
Declaring a function
calling a function
Using a function as an object
Object creation using a function
Prototyping a function
Multiple arguments and CALL and APPLY in JS
Closure in function

Javascript - implementing codes to get content of HTML and change CSS properties :
Clearing DOM and NODES concept
DOM: accessing elements
creating new nodes using DOM
Grabbing form content in JS
Changing CSS properties using JS
Binding on Mouse events
Impressive JS resource for future

Javascript projects to practice :
Project - Random Password Gen
Project - Random Password Gen Styling
Project - Ticky Clock Styling
Project - TickyClock javascript

Moving on to learn Jquery - Selectors and events :
Are we on the same page to start Jquery
Creating Sample exercise files
Your first Jquery code in action
Basics of Selectors in Jquery
Basics of events in Jquery

Actions in Jquery - fading, animations and callback functions :
hiding and showing images
fading out in Jquery
Slides and Animations in Jquery
Callbacks and chaining in Jquery

projects in Jquery and using JS plugins :
Getting the HTML, text and form values
Setting the HTML, text and form values
Toggle CSS Classes with Jquery
Project - Image Slider part 1
Project - Image Slider part 2
TypeAhead and CSS challenge

Farewell and a gift :
Farewell and a gift

Bonus: TODO project in JS and web hosting details :
Bonus - Todo project and hosting basics
Adding styles to TODO project
Javascript for working of todo
Web hosting as quick as possible

BONUS updates - FUN projects and tips :
Happy Independence day project in particlesjs
How to upload your website on live server

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