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The Complete Environment Painting Super Course

Introduction :
Welcome to the Course!
How to Use the Q&A Section
Your Toolset
Inspiration Assignment

Fundamentals :
1 Point Perspective
1 Point Demo
2 Point Perspective
2 Point Demo
Light Basics
Primitive Rendering 1: (Cubes and Spheres)
Primitive Rendering 2: Cylinders and Cones
Choosing Colors For Mood
Fundamental Final: Combining Forms

Sketch Phase: Painting 1 :
Ultra Rough Sketch
Refined Sketch

Painting 1 :
Making Your Image Read
Preparation For Painting
Putting in Light and Shadow
Adding the Character
Finishing Details

Second Painting: Sketch Phase :
Ultra Rough Sketch
Refined Sketch
Finding your Shadows to Start a Painting

Second Painting :
Starting to Paint
Details 2
Finishing Details

Ending Thoughts :
Advice on Being an Artist