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The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp

Video Introducing this tutorial

An Elixir Warmup :
How to Get Help
Installing Elixir
Project Outline
Generating a Project
Elixir Modules and Methods
Lists and Strings
Object Oriented vs Functional Programming
Method Arguments
The Enum Module
Immutability in Elixir
Searching a List
Comprehensions Over Lists
Not Everything Works the First Time
Solving Nested Arrays
Importance of Index with Tuples

Elixir's Amazing Pattern Matching :
Pattern Matching
Elixir's Relationship with Erlang
Saving a Deck
Pattern Matching Continued
Pattern Matching in Case Statements
The Pipe Operator
The Pipe Operator Continued
Module Documentation

Testing and Documentation :
Writing and Generating Documentation
Creating Function Docs
Introduction to Testing
Amazingly Productive Doctests
Writing Effective Doctests
Case Tests

A Few Side Topics :
Introduction to Maps
Updating Values in a Map
Keyword Lists

Image Manipulation with Elixir :
Project Overview
Identicon Generation Process
Identicon Generation Process Continued
The Main Pipeline
Hashing a String
The Purpose of the Hex List

Structs - Elixir's Data Modeling Tool :
Modeling Data with Structs
Pattern Matching Structs
Updating Structs
Building the Grid
Mirroring a Row
Mapping with Custom Functions
Grid Structure
Giving an Identicon Shape
Planning Image Creation
Creating the Pixel Map
Drawing Rectangles

On to Phoenix :
Quick Note About Phoenix
Phoenix Installation
Postgres Setup on OSX
What is Phoenix?
App Overview
Into Phoenix We Go
Server Side Templating
Templates vs Layouts

MVC in Phoenix :
Phoenix's MVC Model
Exploring the Router and Controller
Views vs Templates
The Model Layer in Phoenix
Migration Files
A Game Plan for Creating Topics
Routing to the Topic Controller
Setting Up the Topic Controller
Code Reuse with Import, Alias, and Use
Phoenix's Code Sharing Model
Phoenix's Conn Struct
A Phoenix Approach to Forms

Models in Phoenix :
The Topic Model
Model Changesets and Validations
More on Changesets
Generating Changesets for the Form
New Topic Form
Phoenix Template Syntax
Handling Form Submissions
A Quick Review and Breather

Working with Postgres :
Introduction to the Repo Module
Handling Failed Form Submissions
Styling with CSS in Phoenix
Breaking Restful Conventions Safely
Using the Repo Module for Queries
Building Lists in EEX Templates
Redirects in the Controller
Generating Anchors with Link Tags
Router Wildcards
Setting up the Edit Form
Defining the Update Route
Editing a Topic
Linking to the Edit Topic Form
The Resources Helper
Deleting a Topic
Wrapping up TopicController

Handling Authentication with OAuth :
OAuth Overview
OAuth Setup with Ueberauth
Creating a Github OAuth App
Defining OAuth Routes
Receiving User Info From Github
Users Migration
Digesting the OAuth Response
The User Changeset
Creating New Users
Our Auth Grand Plan
Handling OAuth Success

Transforming Requests with Plugs :
Introduction to Plugs
Using a Module Plug to Set the User
Implementing Module Plugs
Allowing Users to Signout
Restricting Access of Users
The Require Auth Plug
Controller Scoped Plugs
Associating Users with Topics
Altering Existing Tables
Playing Around with Associations
Using the Build Assoc Function
Finalizing the Association
Checking the Topics Owner

Websockets in Phoenix :
Introduction to Websockets
Showing Individual Topics
Making the Comments Migration
The Comments Model
Overview of Channels in Phoenix
Introducing the Comments Channel
Making Progress with Sockets
Quick Breather and Review
Publishing Messages
Figuring Out What Topics to Show
Refactoring to Determine Topic Id
Fetching Topics on Join
Debugging Topic Fetching
Building the Comment Form
Inserting Comments into the Database
Remaining Items with Sockets
Poison Encoder
Rendering a List of Comments
Broadcasting Updates
Updating the Client
The Socket Event Object
Authentication with Sockets
Transporting Tokens to the Server
Verifying the Current Socket User
Associating Comments with Users
Fetching Users with Comments
Rendering Associated Users

Phoenix 1.3 Update :
New in Phoenix 1.3
CLI Command Changes
Assets Folder Changes
Directory Structure Changes
More on Contexts

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