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The complete DynamoDB Bootcamp

Introduction :
Introduction to the course
Pre-requisites and introduction to the AWS free tier
But, I don't know SQL - what should I do?
Introduction to NoSQL and how it is different from SQL
Let's get practical and create our 1st DyanmoDB database

DynamoDB basics :
DynamoDB tables and naming conventions
Data types in DynamoDB
How capacity works in DynamoDB and various options of allocating capacity
Partitions in DynamoDB
Indices in DynamoDB
Table and Partition Level Operations in DynamoDB
Write and read operations in DynamoDB

Advanced Concepts of DynamoDB :
Time To Live (TTL)
DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) Part 1
DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) Part 2
Auto Scaling in DynamoDB
Using Global tables in DynamoDB
Using Server Side encryption
Backups, recovery, continuous backups and Point in Time Recovery
DynamoDB Streams, Triggers and Lambda functions

DynamoDB and Interaction with other AWS services :
Monitoring DynamoDB using Cloud Watch and SNS
Export and Import data using data pipeline
Using DynamoDB with Redshift
Full text search using CloudSearch
Fine grained access control with IAM

Next Steps and Bonus section :
Explore DynamoDB using CLI and SDK
AWS Documentation
What next?
Bonus Material