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The Complete 2019 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

Introduction to Cross-Platform Development with Flutter and Dart :
Download the Course Syllabus
What is Flutter?
Why Flutter?
The Anatomy of a Flutter App
Course Resources
How to Get the Most Out of the Course

Setup and Installation :
Prerequisites for Flutter Development
Overview of the Process
Windows Setup Step 1 - Install the Flutter SDK
Windows Setup Step 2 - Install Android Studio
Windows Setup Step 3 - Install the Android Emulator
Mac Setup Step 1 - Install the Flutter SDK
Mac Setup Step 2 - Install Android Studio
Mac Setup Step 3 - Install the Android Emulator
Mac Setup Step 4 - Install Xcode and Command Line Tools
Mac Setup Step 5 - Test the iOS Simulator
[Optional] Configure Android Studio for Flutter Development
[Optional] Guided Tour of Android Studio for Flutter Development

I Am Rich - How to Create Flutter Apps From Scratch :
Creating a New Flutter Project from Scratch
Scaffolding a Flutter App
Working with Assets in Flutter & the Pubspec file
How to Add App Icons to the iOS and Android Apps

Running Your App on a Physical Device :
Deploying Your Flutter Apps to a Physical Device
Deploying Flutter Apps to an Android Phone
Deploying Flutter Apps to iPhones/iPads

I Am Poor - App Challenge :
Join the Student Community
What are App Challenges?
The I Am Poor Challenge
Show Off Your Work!

MiCard - How to Build Beautiful UIs with Flutter Widgets :
MiCard - A Single Screen Personal Business Card App
Hot Reload and Hot Restart - Flutter Power Tools
How to Use Container Widgets
How to use Column & Row Widgets for Layout
Flutter Layouts Challenge
Tapping into Widget Properties
Incorporating Custom Fonts in Your Flutter App
Adding Material Icons with the Icon Widget
Flutter Card & ListTile Widgets

Dicee - Building Apps with State :
Dicee - A Stateful Dice App
Using the Expanded Widget to Create Flexible Layouts
How to Use Intention Actions
Adding Gesture Detection with Flutter Button Widges
[Dart] Functions - Part 1
Making the Dice Image Change Reactively
[Dart] Variables
[Dart] Data Types
Stateful vs. Stateless Widgets - What's the Difference?
Randomising the Dice
Challenge 1 Solution
Challenge 2 Solution
Challenge 3 Solution

Boss Level Challenge 1 - Magic 8 Ball :
Magic 8 Ball - A Decision Making App
Step 1 - Set Up The Project
Step 2 - Create a Stateless Widget
Step 3 - Create a Stateful Widget
Step 4 - Make it Interactive
Step 5 - Randomise it
Step 6 - Update the State
Customise It!

Xylophone - Using Flutter and Dart Packages to Speed Up Development :
Xylophone - A Simple Musical Instrument App
What are Flutter & Dart Packages?
How to Play Sound Across Platforms
How to Play Multiple Sounds
[Dart] Functions - Part 2
Updating the UI of Our App
[Dart] Functions - Part 3
[Dart] Functions Challenge
Refactoring Our App
[Dart] Arrow Functions
Customise It!

Quizzler -Modularising & Organising Flutter Code :
Quizzler - A True/False Quiz App
Building a Score Keeper
[Dart] Lists
Displaying the Questions
Checking User Answers
[Dart] Conditionals - IF/ELSE
More Dart Programming Challenges
Creating a Question Class
[Dart] Classes and Objects
Abstraction in Action
Encapsulation in Action
Inheritance in Action
Polymorphism in Action
Adding Back the Score Keeper
Code Challenge
[Dart] Class Constructors

Boss Level Challenge 2 - Destini :
Destini - A Choose Your Own Adventure Game
Set Up the Project
Familiarise Yourself with the Starting Project
Step 1 - Adding a Image as a Background
Solutions on GitHub
Step 2/3/4 - Create a New Story Class
Step 5/6/7 - Create the Story Brain
Display the Story in the App
Step 11/12/13/14 - Display the Choices in the App
Update the Story Based on User Choice
Step 21 - Use the Story Plan to Progress through the Story
Step 22/23/24 - Restart the Game When the User Reaches the End
Step 25 - Renaming and Refactoring Using Android Studio
Step 26/27/28 - Hiding Buttons
Download the Completed App!

BMI Calculator - Building Flutter UI for Intermediates :
BMI Calculator - A Beautiful Health App
How to Use Flutter Themes
How to Refactor Flutter Widgets
[Dart] Final vs. Const
Creating Custom Flutter Widgets
The GestureDetector Widget
[Dart] Enums
[Dart] Ternary Operator
[Dart] Functions as First Order Objects
The Flutter Slider Widget
Customising Widgets with Themes
Composition vs. Inheritance - Building Flutter Widgets From Scratch
Multi-Screen Apps Using Routes and Navigation
[Dart] Maps
Designing the Result Page
Adding the BMI Calculator Functionality

Clima - Powering Your Flutter App with Live Web Data :
Clima - A Modern Weather App
Getting Location Data From Across Platforms
[Dart] Futures, Async & Await
Stateful Widget Lifecycle Methods
[Dart] Exception Handling & Null Aware Operators
Async/Await Challenge
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Explained
Networking in Flutter Apps with the HTTP Package
JSON Parsing and Dynamic Types
Getting Actual Weather Data from the OpenWeatherMap API
Showing a Spinner While the User Waits
Passing Data to a State Object
Updating the Weather with the WeatherModel
Refactoring the Location Methods
Creating and Styling a TextField Widget for Text Entry
Passing Data Backwards Through the Navigation Stack

Boss Level Challenge 3 - Bitcoin Ticker :
Bitcoin Ticker - A Simple Cryptocurrency Price Tracker
The Material DropdownButton Widget
[Dart] Loops
Building Widgets with Loops Solution
Introducing Cupertino Widgets
Building Platform Specific UI (iOS & Android)
Introduction to Boss Level Challenge 3
Level 1 - Bronze Medal
Level 2 - Silver Medal
Level 3 - Gold Medal
Check out the completed app!

Flash Chat - Flutter x Firebase Cloud Firestore :
Flash Chat - A Lightning Fast Messaging App
Named Routes Challenge
[Dart] Static Modifier
Refactor Routes with the Static Const
Flutter Hero Animations
Custom Flutter Animations with the Animation Controller
[Dart] Mixins
Prepackaged Flutter Animations
Code Refactoring Challenge
Creating a New Firebase Project
Potential Problems When Incorporating Firebase
Android Firebase Project Setup
iOS Firebase Project Setup
Firebase Flutter Packages Setup (iOS & Android)
Registering Users with Firebase using FirebaseAuth
Authenticating Users with FirebaseAuth
Showing a Spinner while the User Waits
Saving Data into Cloud Firestore
Listening for Data from Firebase using Streams
[Dart] Streams
Turning Streams into Widgets Using the StreamBuilder
The Flutter ListView
A Different UI for Different Senders
Cloud Firestore Authorisation and Security Rules

Flutter State Management :
Todoey - Your very own To-Do List App
Designing the To-Do List App
The ListView Challenge
The BottomSheet Widget
What is State and How do we Manage it?
How do Callbacks work in Dart?
The ListView Builder
Lifting State Up Challenge
Flutter App Architecture Patterns
Introducing the Provider Package
Using a Provider and a ChangeNotifier to Manage State
Adding New To-Do List Tasks
Checking off To-Do List Tasks
Deleting Tasks using the Provider Design Pattern

Next Steps :
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