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The Art and Business of Model Photography

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Learning what drives your photo motivation
Say hello

Pre Production - The Concept :
What is a Photo Mood Board
Quiz #1
3 questions
Online Source for Concept Idea's
Creating our very own Photo Mood Board

Pre Production- The Tools :
Quick Intro for Set-a-light 3d founder
Intro to Set-a-Light 3d
Menu bar & Settings set.a.light 3D video manual
The Camera set.a.light 3D video manual
Studio Overview set.a.light 3D video manual
Seeing The Light
Quiz Flash
Flash Quiz
3 questions
Learn Your Way Around the Flash
One Light Setup
How the right lens aids in photo creation
Lens Quiz
1 question

Pre Production- The Team :
Finding Model, Hair Stylist, Make-up Artist for Free

Production- The Photo Shoot :
1 question
On Set Live
On Set Live Part 2

Post-Production- Intro into Lightroom :
How to Import Camera Files Into Lightroom
How to adjust image files
Audition Presets
Export to Website

Post-Production- Intro into Photoshop :
Import into Photoshop

Post-Production- Marketing :
Personal Website

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