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The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp

Course Introduction :
The Story Of This Course
Curriculum Walkthrough
Learning Paths
Introducing the Team

CSS Animations: Transforms and Transitions :
Section Introduction
Introduction To CSS Animations
Why Animations Matter
Intro To Pseudoclasses
Pseudo-Classes: Hover
First Pseudo-Class Quiz
1 question
Pseudo-Classes: Focus
Pseudo-Classes: Active
Quick Pseudoclasses Exercise
Building An Animated Button
Introduction to Transform
Transform: Translate
Transform:Scale() and Transform-Origin
Transform: Rotate()
A Note on Vendor Prefixes
Transitions Basics
Transition-Duration and Transition-Property
Transition-Timing-Function and Transition-Delay
Transition Shorthand
CSS Animation Performance
Building An Animated Gallery

CSS Animations: Keyframes :
Introduction to Keyframes
Codealong: Animated Rainbow Flashing Text
Other CSS Animation Properties
Exercise: Rising and Setting Sun Animation
Exercise SOLUTION : Rising and Setting Sun Animation
CSS Animation Shorthand
Building an Animated CSS Loading Icon

Advanced CSS: Layout With Flexbox :
Section Introduction
Introduction To Flexbox
The Magic of Display: Flex
Important Flexbox Terminology
Flexbox Quiz
1 question
Flexbox Sidebar Exercise
Flexbox Sidebar Exercise: SOLUTION
Building A Responsive Navbar CODEALONG
Building a Widget
Exercise: Holy Grail Layout
Exercise: Holy Grail Layout SOLUTION
Flexbox Browser Support

Project: Building A Startup Site :
Introducing Matt
Section Introduction
Project: Introduction
Project Solution: Nav and Header
Project Solution: Destinations and Features
Project Solution: Testimonials, Contact, and Footer
Project Solution: Responsive Design

Async Foundations :
Introducing Tim
Callback Functions
Codealong: forEach
findIndex Exercise Intro
1 question
findIndex Solution
The Stack And The Heap
The Stack: An Example
setTimeout and setInterval
Exercise: countDown Function
1 question
countDown Exercise Solution
The Event Loop And The Queue
Event Loop Quiz
3 questions
Promise Basics
Promise Chaining

AJAX Part 1: XHR and Fetch :
Intro to AJAX
What's the deal with JSON and XML?
Making Our First Request with XMLHTTPRequest
AJAX Workflow: Building The Random Image App
Bitcoin Price Exercise
Bitcoin Price Exercise Solution
Fetch Introduction
Fetch Options
Fetch Error Handling
Fetch Random User Profile Exercise
Fetch Random User Profile Exercise Solution
The Problem With Fetch

AJAX Part 2: jQuery and Axios :
jQuery AJAX Introduction
jQuery $.ajax Method
Digging In The jQuery Sourcecode
jQuery AJAX Shorthand Methods
jQuery Random Cats API Exercise
jQuery Random Cats Exercise SOLUTION
Axios Intro
Axios Error Handling
Ron Swanson Exercise
Ron Swanson Exercise Solution

Testing With Jasmine :
Introducing Elie
Section Introduction
Writing Tests in the Browser
Jasmine Syntax and Matchers
Writing Better tests with Hooks
Quiz - Jasmine Matchers and Hooks
4 questions
Quiz - Jasmine Spies
3 questions
Jasmine Async
7 questions
Different Types of Tests

Advanced Array Methods :
Section Introduction
Exercise: forEach
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: forEach
Exercise: Map
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: Map
Exercise: Filter
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: Filter
Exercise: Some and Every
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: Some and Every
Reduce Continued
Exercise: Reduce
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: Reduce
Array Methods Recap

Closures and the Keyword 'this' :
Section Introduction
Introduction to Closures
Using Closures in the Wild
Exercise: Closures
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: Closures
Closures Recap
Introduction to the Keyword 'this'
'this' with Functions and "use strict"
Object/Implicit Binding
Explicit Binding
Bind Continued
Exercise: Call, Apply, and Bind
1 question
Exercise SOLUTIONS: Call, Apply, Bind
The 'new' Keyword and section recap

Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript :
Section Introduction
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript
The 'new' Keyword
Refactoring with Multiple Constructors
Constructor Functions Recap
Exercise: Constructor Functions
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: Constructor Functions
Introduction to Prototypes
The Prototype Chain
Adding Methods to the Prototype
Exercise: Prototypes
1 question
Exercise SOLUTIONS: Prototypes
Prototypal Inheritance
Exercise: Inheritance
1 question
Exercise SOLUTIONS: Inheritance
Object Oriented Programming Recap

Creating JSON API's With Node and Mongo :
Section Introduction
Preparing For React
Defining Our API Gameplan
Installing NodeJS
Cloud9 Without A Credit Card Instructions
Installing Node Locally
Creating Our Initial Express Application
Responding With JSON
Installing Mongo
Defining Our Schema
Defining The Index Route
Defining The Create Route
Defining The Show Route
Defining the Update Route
Defining the Delete Route
Refactoring Our API

Codealong: Single Page Todo List with Express, Mongo, and jQuery :
Introducing Our Single Page App
Serving Static Files and Nodemon
Adding jQuery and The Starter CSS
Writing The Initial AJAX Call
Displaying Our Todos Correctly
Connecting the Form to our API
Making the Delete Button Work
Toggling Todo Completion

ES2015 Part I :
Section Introduction
Introduction to ES2015
Let and Const
6 questions
Template Strings
Introduction to Arrow Functions
Arrow Functions Continued
Coding Exercise - Arrow Functions Exercises
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: Arrow Functions
Default Parameters
For...of Loops
Coding Exercise - Rest and Spread Exercises
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: Rest and Spread
Object Enhancements
Object Enhancements
3 questions
Object Destructuring
Array Destructuring
Coding Exercise - Destructuring Exercises
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: Destructuring
ES2015 Part I Recap

ES2015 Project - Guess the Password :
Section Introduction
Introduction to Guess the Password
Guess the Password Code Walkthrough
Guess the Password Refactor

ES2015 Part II :
Section Introduction
Introduction to the 'class' Keyword
Instance Methods
Class Methods
Coding Exercise - Class Keyword Exercises
1 question
Class Solutions
Inheritance with ES2015
Coding Exercise - Inheritance and Super
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: Inheritance and Super
ES2015 'class' Keyword Recap
Coding Exercise - Maps and Sets Exercises
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: Maps and Sets
Promises Continued
ES2015 Promises Assignment
Exercise SOLUTION: Promises
Object.assign and Array.from
Additional Helpful ES2015 Methods
Coding Exercise - ES2015 Methods Exercises
1 question
Exercise SOLUTION: ES2015 Methods

ES2016 and ES2017 :
Section Introduction
ES2016 Exponentiation Operator and Includes
padStart and padEnd
Async Functions Introduction
Async Functions Continued
Coding Exercise - Async Functions Assignment
Exercise SOLUTION: Async Functions
Object Rest and Spread + Recap

D3 and the DOM :
Section Introduction
An Introduction to D3
D3 Selections
Selections and Callbacks
Event Listeners in D3
D3 Selections Quiz
8 questions
Exercise: Guess the Password Refactor
Solution: Guess the Password Refactor
Exercise: Notes App
Solution: Notes App

Data Joins and Update Patterns in D3 :
Section Introduction
Basic Data Joins and Enter Selections
Exit Selections and Key Functions
D3 Data Joins Fundamentals Quiz
7 questions
The General Update Pattern in D3
D3 Update Patterns Quiz
15 questions
Exercise: Character Frequencies
Solution: Character Frequencies

SVG and D3 :
Section Introduction
Introduction to SVG
Rectangles, Polygons, and Circles in SVG
Text Elements in SVG
Path Elements in SVG
Exercise: SVG Flags
Solution: SVG Flags
Introduction to SVG and D3
Exercise: Character Frequencies Revisited
Solution: Character Frequencies Revisited

Intermediate D3 :
Section Introduction
Extrema and Scales
Axes and Gridlines
Exercise: Scatterplot
Solution: Scatterplot
Histograms Continued
Exercise: Histograms
Solution: Histograms
Pie Charts
Pie Charts Continued
Exercise: Pie Charts
Solution: Pie Charts

D3 Odds and Ends, and Advanced Graph Types :
Section Introduction
Managing Asynchronous Code with D3
Exercise: D3 Odds and Ends
Solution: D3 Odds and Ends
An Introduction to GeoJSON
An Introduction to TopoJSON
Map Visualization Example
Nodes in Force-Directed Graphs
Links in Force-Directed Graphs
Dragging Nodes and Alpha Values
General Update Pattern with Force-Directed Graphs

Project: Building a Data Dashboard with D3 :
Project: Introduction and Requirements
Project: Example Solution Part 1
Project: Example Solution Part 2

Introduction To React and JSX :
Section Introduction
How To Get Our React Solution Code
Front-end Framework Introduction
First React Component
JSX With JavaScript
Exercise: Random Box
Random Box Assignment Solution
Multiple React Components

Create React App and Props :
Create React App
Create React App: Files
JavaScript Import Statements
Import HobbyList Assignment
Import HobbyList Solution
Intro to Props
Recipe App With Props
Recipe App With Props Continued
Default Props and Prop Types
Recipe App Props Exercise
Recipe App Props Solution

State :
Section Introduction
Intro to State
Pure Functions
Update Complex State Exercise
Update Complex State Solution
React Component Architecture
setState Can Be Tricky
React DevTools
Colored Boxes Exercise
Colored Boxes Solution

The Virtual DOM, Events, and Forms :
Section Introduction
The Virtual DOM
Todo App Exercise
Todo App Solution
Recipe App With State
Recipe App With State - New Recipe Form
Recipe App With State - Saving The New Recipe
Recipe App With State - Show/Hide Form
Recipe App With State - Delete Recipe
Memory Game
Memory Game Solution Part 1
Memory Game Solution Part 2

Component Lifecycle Methods :
Introduction To Component Lifecycle Methods
Component Lifecycle Method Examples
Country Flag Guessing App Exercise
Country Flag Guessing App Solution

Authentication :
Warbler App Introduction
Introduction to Authentication
Authentication in NodeJS
Nested Resources: Adding Messages
Saving a Message And NodeJS Middleware
Authentication vs Authorization
Authorization Middleware Solution
Getting All Messages
Signin/Signup Exercise

React Router :
Section Introduction
HTML5 History Object
Introduction to React Router
Introduction to React Router Continued

Redux :
Section Introduction
Introduction to Redux Without React
React With Redux
Exercise: Redux Refactor
Redux Refactor Solution
Organizing Redux
Redux Docs Todos Example
Redux Thunk (Middleware)
Warbler Final Project