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The 12 Essential MySQL Topics for Newbies

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you will learn in this course :
What you will learn in this course

Before watching this course :
MySQL_What you should know before watching this course
Easy ways to play with MySQL

How to Install - Interact With MySQL :
Installing MySQL on your Windows
Interaction with MySQL console on your Windows
Installing MySQL on your MAC
Interaction with MySQL console on your MAC

Understand Database basics :
Databases Vs. Spreadsheets
Relational databases vs. flat files
Normalizing databases
Common database acronyms
Creating A Database
Test your database basic knowledge
4 questions

Exploring MySQL Basics :
Understanding MySQL Terminology
Understanding Declarative Structure Language
Exploring MySQL Data Types
Test your MySQL basic knowledge
3 questions

What you have learned :

Bonus for you :
MySQL- Data Types - Quick Reference Table - Free
MySQL Acronyms- Quick Reference Table - Free
For Mac user only - Alias

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