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Udemy Test Driven Development with Node js

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Creating Project
Development Environment Dependencies
Web Client

First Rest Endpoint: Sign Up :
First Test: Sign Up Request
Saving User to Database
Password Hashing

Configuration and Environment :
Configuration and Environment

Validation :
Validatior Middleware
Express Validator
Dynamic Tests
Remaining Validations
Custom Validation: Unique Email Validation

Internationalization - i18n :
Internationalization - i18n

Account Activation :
Account Activation Intro
Activation Email
Email Transport Failures
Refactoring Tests
Activating Account
Testing on Web Client

Error Handler :
Error Handler
Error Body

Loading Users :
User Page Response
Page Content
Total Page Info
Changing Page
Changing Page Size
Get User

Authentication - Part 1 :
Authentication Failure
Refactoring Tests

User Update - Part 1 :
Update User - Authentication Failure
Update User Success
Authorization Aware User List

Authentication - Part 2 :
JWT Token Generation
JWT Practices
Opaque Token
Delete User
Token User Relationship
Expiring Token
Token Cleanup

Account Recovery :
Password Reset Request
Password Reset Success Response
Sending Password Reset Email
Refactoring Rest Endpoint
Updating Password - Error Cases
Updating Password - Success
Testing on Client

User Update - Part 2 :
User Profile Image
Image in Responses
Upload Folder
Storing Images in Folder
Serving Static Resources
Cleaning up the Folders
Replacing Old Image
Username Validation
File Size Validation
File Type Validation
Testing on Client

Production Preparation :
Migration Demo
Creating Latest Migration Scripts
Running Tests Against Shared Database
Refactoring Configuration
Using PostgreSQL
Organizing NPM Scripts
Logging App Version

Deployment :
Production Configuration
Deploying to Heroku
Preparing VM on Google Cloud
Deploying App to VM
Automating Deployment

Hoax :
Submitting Hoax
Saving Hoax to Database
Hoax Migration Scripts
Hoax User Relationship
Listing Hoaxes
Listing Hoaxes of a User
Running Tests with PostgreSQL

Hoax Attachment :
Attachment Folder
Storing Attachment info in DB
Storing Attached File
Serving Attachment Folder
Storing File Type
File Size Limit
Attachment Hoax Relationship
Attachment in Hoax Listing
Migration Scripts
Scheduled Service for Unused Attachments

Clean Up :
Hoax Delete - Error Cases
Hoax Delete - Success Cases
Hoax Delete - Cascade
Migrating Constraint
User Delete

Final :
Updating Dependencies