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Technology and Trading for Cryptocurrency

Introduction :
Introduction to Trading for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency as a Technology :
Features of Cryptocurrencies
Storing Bitcoin Address
Time Stamp Server
Understanding Etherium
Concept of Litecoin
Ripple and Dash
Differences in Cyrptocurrencies
Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
Uses of Cryptocurrencies
Cyrpto Coins List

Cryptocurrency with Business Opportunities :
Cryptocurrencies with Business
Cryptocurrencies Wallets
CFD Trading
Information Sites
Physical Cryptocurrency Products
Affiliate Marketing Program
Ideas for Cryptocurrency Business
Understanding SWOT Analysis

Why to Trade Cryptocurrencies? :
Reasons for Trading Cryptocurrencies
Domination of Cryptocurrency
Learning Margin Trading
Example on Limit Order
Concept of Extreme Volatility

Setting up Crypto Wallet :
Setting up Crypto Wallet
Types of Crypto Wallet
Multi Currency Wallet
Popular Cryptocurrency Wallets
Advantages of Copay
Ledger Wallet Nano
Creating a Wallet
Trazer Hardware Wallet

Cryptocurrency Exchanges :
Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Trading in Bitcoin Markets
Analyzing with Kraken dot Com
Technical Barriers for Trading
Trading with the Euro Zone
Benefit of Trading
Exchange by Volume
Sites Supporting Paypal
Factors Before Trading
Process to Begin the Trade
Options in Coinbase Support
Trading with Bitrex Exchange
Bitrex Account and Performing Verification
Different Markets in Bitrex
Evaluating Price per Unit
Setting the Sell Orders
Securing Coins through Wallets
Differences in Coins and Tokens
Initial Coin and Initial Public Coin Offering

Fundamental Analysis :
Concept of Fundamental Analysis
How to Value a Cryptocurrency
Steps in Fundamental Analysis
Cryptocurrency Analysis Checklist
Understanding the Operational Assessment
Researching the Market Assessment
Development Team Assessment
Coin Supply Assessment
Coin Based Scam Assessment
Bitcoin Investement Packages
Process to Purchase the Coins
Security Factor for Coinbase
Common Terms for Cryptocurrency
Common Terms for Cryptocurrency Continues

Technical Analysis :
Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrencies
Understanding the Technical Analysis
Various types of Technical Analysis
Analyzing the Opening and Closing Price
Common types of Candlesticks
Features of Doji Candlestick
Difference between Bar Chart and Candle Chart
Price Action to Chart Support
Finding the Market Capitalization
Technology and Trading Timeframe
Opening Price in Bitcoin Chart
Styles of Trading for Market
Price Action to Chart Trend Lines
Learning the Volumes in Trading
How to use Fibonacci Levels
Basic Chart Patterns
Price Variation in Bearish Patterns
Variation in Reversal Patterns
Moving Averages Indicator
Difference in Simple and Exponential Average
Determining the Simple and Exponential Average
Various Terms for Simple Average
Stability in the Price
Exponential Moving Average
Bollinger Band and Moving Averages
Moving Average Convergence
Types of Oscillators
Objective of Stochastic Oscillator
True Strength Index
Ultimate Oscillator Indicator
Learning Risk to Reward Ratio
Wyckoff Market Analysis
Fibonacci Retracements with Trade View
Adding Indicators to Chart

Trading Strategies :
The Trading Strategies
The Trading Strategies Continues
Executing Entry and Exit Timing
Examining Entry and Exit Timing
Creating Own Trading Strategies
Using the Candlestick Trigger
Using the Pattern Triggers
Support and Resistance Levels Strategy
Trading as a Day Trader
Trading as a Day Trader Continues
Paying Taxes on Cryptocurrency
What Winning Traders Do

Conclusion :
Conclusion to Technology and Trading for Cryptocurrency

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