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TeamCity: Learn continuous integration – JetBrains TeamCity

Introduction :
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Continuous integration :
What is continuous integration (CI)
Why continuous integration (CI)?
How to implement continuous integration (CI)

TeamCity :
What is TeamCity
TeamCity jobs and salaries
TeamCity features and concepts

Getting started :
Install TeamCity server
Install TeamCity server - Windows
Install TeamCity server - Linux
Install TeamCity build agent
Install TeamCity build agent - Windows
Install TeamCity build agent - Linux
TeamCity overview

Setup :
TeamCity CI setup
Importance of automated tests
Sample database - Northwind
Relational database management with RoundhousE

Deep dive - .NET :
Deep dive - .NET
.NET project overview
Build CI pipeline for .NET
VCS trigger for .NET project
VCS trigger for SQL code (in .NET project)
.NET build output
.NET artifacts

Deep dive - JAVA :
Deep dive - JAVA
JAVA project overview
How JAVA project works
Build CI pipeline for JAVA
VCS trigger for JAVA project
VCS trigger for SQL code (in JAVA project)
JAVA artifacts

Conclusion :
TeamCity - concluding next steps
TeamCity - install plugins
TeamCity - setup build notifications
TeamCity - next steps for you
Thank You!
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